Homeless man choked to death by stranger on NYC subway, NO arrests made

The NYPD is slow in making arrests for the murder of 30-year-old Jordan Neely, who was choked by another passenger on a Manhattan subway.

Jordan Neely

In the disturbing video, watching someone be murdered, you will see a 24-year-old man who police have identified as a Marine veteran. The man was taken in for questioning but was later released without charges.

According to an eyewitness, Neely was on the subway screaming aggressively, saying he had no food, nothing to drink, and he didn’t care if he went to jail. The eyewitness said Neely also removed his jacket and threw it on the ground.

Sooooo…. how was any of that any threat to this man for him to choke him like that? I mean, you know how many people cut tf up on New York subways every day…worse shit than what Neely did, but there is nothing he did wrong to make someone murder him in broad daylight like that.


Police said the investigation is ongoing, and they await an autopsy result before deciding whether to pursue charges against the 24-year-old Marine veteran.

We see the video of this man choking Neely. That is how he died. The autopsy is going to confirm what you saw.

An eye-witness said Neely had not physically attacked anyone before the 24-year-old Marine veteran took him down.

Neely was a NYC subway performer, who was unhoused and suffered mental illness.

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  1. So much outrage when a white cop kills a black man. where’s the outrage when a trained killer kills a starving black man down on his luck?

  2. This type of shit really piss me off but because he a marine veteran he only get questioned and released, that young man was no harm if you didn’t want to be bothered you should of moved to another seat, listen to music anything else but yo ass was trying to show off because he probably ain’t a veteran he probably got kicked out but i really hate this man . I’m praying for this young man family and it’s evil people in this word that’s why we have to be prepared rather it’s just a pocket knife be safe because these clear people think this will fly with any of us they sadly mistaken.

  3. It’s disgusting that people can literally stand by and watch someone’s life slip right in front of them. It is disturbing. I woulda kicked someone right in the face. Enough for a bounce back. A break. Some teeth out anything to remove him off this man. He’s struggling. He’s hungry. You think because you’re trained to kill you can bring that here ? Where’s the compassion. Feed the man not end his life. Sad disgusting world we live in knowing this is who we are.

  4. This is so messed up all there ass need to be charged even the guy that was holding his hands. ALLL OF THERE ASSES and for them to see this video and let the man go so sad.

  5. Why tf was they even over there fuckin wit Dat man in the first place? They ain’t had no business whatsoever fuckin wit Dat man ND done killed em. Tryna be a mfn officer GO GET A JOB AT THE PRECINCT TF! THIS PISSED ME OFF.

  6. Honestly I feel like everyone right there should be charged… Even the women in the back bc they could of called the police and for help… They just stood there and watched… You can tell her was kicking as in out of breath kicking.. and they didn’t let him go… I’m a marine and I’ll never use my training on a regular civilian unless they were attacking me in a super crazy aggressive manner.. but me I wouldn’t put myself in that situation either… LOCK THEM ALL UP THEY DESERVE IT.. HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE CORP…


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