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Brooklyn Fake pastor turned scammer on trial in New York for scamming one of his church members, faces 65 years in prison


Looks like Brooklyn’s Bishop Lamor Whitehead is about to cash in his prayers as he faces a federal trial for some shady dealings. While we can’t vouch for his heavenly credit score, the prosecutors seem to have a solid case against him. They’re ready to grill this self-proclaimed man of God and send him packing. In case you forgot, Whitehead is the pastor who claimed he was robbed of a million bucks worth of bling at gunpoint during a church service.

Brooklyn Lamor Whithead
Brooklyn Lamor Whithead

Months later, the feds charged him with wire fraud, attempted extortion, and lying to the law. They say he swindled a parishioner’s savings, promising to invest in a house but splurged on designer gear, a fancy car, and takeout. He even tried to squeeze money out of a Bronx auto shop owner, boasting about his supposed influence with the Mayor.

Now, Whitehead is in Manhattan facing trial for allegedly stealing from a church member’s retirement fund and trying to con a businessman into funding his lavish lifestyle. He spun tales of big bucks and connections to city officials, but it turns out his bank account was emptier than a piggy bank with just six bucks.

Prosecutor Jessica Greenwood called Whitehead a ‘con man’ during her opening statements:

“This is a case about a con man who told lie after lie to victim after victim. He committed crime after crime to make money,” said Greenwood. “He was a friend to the mayor (Adams) and the defendant abused that trust. He lied about how much money he had and his influence…The defendant has expensive tastes, designer clothes and a massive mansion. He’d lie, cheat and steal to keep up with that appearance of wealth.”

The trial is all about how he scammed a parishioner out of $90,000, promising a home and investments but blowing it on luxury items. He also tried to sweet-talk a businessman into a half-million-dollar deal by name-dropping his supposed political connections.

The businessman smelled something fishy and tipped off the feds, leading to Whitehead’s arrest after a lengthy investigation. Looks like this bishop’s prayers might not be enough to save him from the long arm of the law.

Whitehead could potentially spend a whopping 65 years behind bars if found guilty.


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