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WATCH: Florida deputies looking for man who opened fire on several teens near Spoto High School



The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is on the lookout for a man who, in a hoodie, attempted to conceal his menacing visage while firing shots at a group of teenagers near Spoto High School in Riverview, Florida.

Authorities are seeking Jahfahree Prince Edwards, wanted for multiple charges including aggravated a*sault with a firearm and illegal possession of a weapon. The altercation began with a fight between two girls, leading one of them to summon Edwards to the scene, escalating the conflict.

Jahfahree Prince Edwards
Jahfahree Prince Edwards

Surveillance footage captures the chaotic scene as high school students scramble with their backpacks, fleeing from Edwards‘ reckless gunfire. Despite the students’ attempts to escape, Edwards continued to shoot in the direction of moving cars and terrified teenagers, creating a dangerous situation. Prior to the shooting, Edwards was seen concealing the firearm behind his back, only to suddenly open fire in close proximity to one of the girls.

The incident unfolded at the entrance of the Osprey Lakes West subdivision in Riverview, just a stone’s throw away from Spoto High School. The timing of the shooting, occurring right after school dismissal, added to the urgency of the situation.

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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