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Black woman who claimed she was hit with a brick EXPOSED for years of lying about being assaulted


Woman hit in face with brick

Word On The Curb…the black woman who went viral in Houston after claiming she was hit in the face with a brick by a black man, after he asked for her number and she didn’t give it to him, is being exposed for having a history of lying about “strangers” assaulting her in order to obtain money.

Woman said she was hit with a brick by a man she refused to giver her number to.

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When the BeatMob Street Committee sent this to us, we were in disbelief.

Earlier this month, the woman who goes by Rho Bashe on Instagram said that a man struck her in the face with a brick after rejecting his advances. Following the alleged incident Bashe said that there were men at the scene, and they refused to help her and watch the whole thing unfold. The woman went on to post another video on social media from her hospital bed, garnering a large amount of support across social media platforms.

Bashe never filed a police report…but guess what? There will never ever be a police report because the woman is a known scammer and she has over the years claimed people assaulted her in the face just to go on to create GoFundMe and get money knowing damn well ain’t nobody laid a hand on her lying a*s.

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Chileeeeeeeeeeeee…she had us online thinking she was really assaulted, but she was pulling a Carlee Russell and Jussie Smollett the whole damn time.

In a new update, a TikToker has come forward to let us all know who this whoraaa really is. The TikToker said that Bashe uses her allergic reactions to falsely claim that she was assaulted just to get money.

In 2020, Bashe claimed that she was “trying to be a doctor” and be somebody and that a group of people jumped on her for no reason, while pointing at the same location the side of her face was swollen at in the recent hoax she pulled, but also on the other side of her face as well she claimed the group of people hit her at.

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The TikToker said that Bashe raised $41,000 for that scam.

Every few years she gets attacked in the face by a random stranger, fails to make a police report, but makes a GoFundMe and garner thousands of dollars, the TikToker said.


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  1. AN EVIL DECEPTIVE female!
    The Phillip Scott Show, Mediocre Tutorial & Reviews & The Trey King Show
    MONEYLOVING female & is EVERYTHING ALMIGHTY GOD Hates: Proverbs 16-19
    According to Mr. Scott she is the Reason her brother is in Prison because of Evil she
    instigated! This is a SHE-DEVIL, Satan’s tool!

    “Do NOT be Deceived, GOD is NOT MOCKED, Whatever you SOW, you REAP”.
    Galatians 6:7, 8
    “Those Desiring to be rich Fall into Temptation, into a Snare, into MANY Senseless
    and Harmful Desires Plunging people into Ruin and Destruction.” 1 Timothy 6:9

    “The riches you Get by Dishonesty SOON Disappear, but NOT Before they lead you
    into the Jaws of DEATH.” Proverbs 21:6


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