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Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump will represent Shanquella Robinson’s family


Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump has joined the legal team of Shanquella Robinson’s family. 

Crump and Shanquella Robinson’s family attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson, will hold a press conference in Washington, DC Friday, March 3, 2023, at 10:30 am to “demand diplomatic intervention by President Biden and the U.S. Department of State to prioritize bringing those accountable for Shanquella Robinson’s death to justice.”

Shanquella Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson, and Quilla Long, Shanquella’s sister, will be in attendance at the press conference. 

Shanquella was murdered in October 2022 in Mexico with so-called “friends,” Khalil Cook, Malik Dyer, Daejhanae Jackson, Winter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, and Nazeer Wiggins, all who said Shanquella died from alcohol poisoning.

25-year-old Shanquella Robinson

An autopsy revealed that the so-called “friends,” now referred to as the ‘Cabo 6’ lied. The autopsy revealed that Shanquella died from a “severe spinal cord injury and atlas laxation.” Then, on November 15we released a video showing Daejhanae Jackson brutally assaulting Shanquella.

The press conference will be held in front of Ben Crump Law, located in the NCNW building, 633 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20004.

No arrests have been made in Shanquella Robinson’s murder, although Mexico has issued a warrant for the “direct aggressor” seen in the video assaulting Shanquella. However, the FBI has not made any arrests, and their investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Yesssss! I am on your YouTube channel, and cannot wait for the live updates. Rest In Paradise Shanquella! May God continue to guide her family!

  2. I Praying They Get Justice For Shaquille She?Didn’t Have To Go Like This Is Disgusting And They All Need To Pay For Her Death My Prayers Goes Out To Her Family #justiceforshanquellarobinson#

  3. I’m hoping that this will get some results and force the FBI to do more. Ben Crump getting involved shows that there is more the US government can do yet are doing nothing.

  4. I guess it’s great they have representation. I have mixed feelings about Ben Crump after the Nakia Crawford case but DEFINITELY want #JusticeforShanquella. RIH Angel


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