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Rocky Mount woman confesses to using a fake car to scam people on TikTok, alleging that her car was shot up in Durham while her kids were inside


Word On The Curb…the infamous Alexis Davis from Rocky Mount, North Carolina was busted red-handed, running a sneaky scheme on TikTok, tricking kind-hearted people into giving her money under false pretenses full of fake stories and lies. However, once The North Carolina Beat exposed her scam late-last month, Davis was hit with a lot of backlash and deleted her social media accounts.

According to our report, Davis posted a picture of a supposedly bullet-riddled 2017 Nissan Altima, alleging it was her own car that had been shot up in Durham while her three children were inside before crashing it. She allegedly took the photo from another website, and no bullet holes were visible. Her elaborate deception was merely a scheme to deceive unsuspecting donors into giving her $2,000.

Last week, one of our BeatMob Street Committee members sent us a video of Davis admitting that she lied about the car story and that it was false.

“The incident with my car was false,” Davis said.



A mother of three residing near 3 O’s Supermarket & Grill in Rocky Mount, North Carolina is stirring up trouble on TikTok.

This woman, known as Alexis Davis, ‘Red Ghettoo’ on Facebook and ‘Keeplookingho’ on TikTok, is up to some shady scamming business. While it’s unclear if she’s going through a rough patch, she’s definitely giving off some broke vibes with a fabricated sob story to garner sympathy and cash. Allegedly, Davis posted a TikTok showcasing a beat-up white car, claiming she needs $2,000 for a new ride because her current one was supposedly shot up.

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Davis allegedly shared with her TikTok followers that during the moments her car was being shot up nearly 25 times in Durham with her kids inside, she ended up crashing it. A picture posted by Davis on her TikTok account depicts a 2017 Nissan Altima with visible damage to its front, although there are no apparent bullet holes anywhere on the vehicle.


It seems like Davis didn’t quite have her story straight before sharing it on TikTok. A little detective work revealed that the flashy car she claimed as her own was actually just a photo she snagged from Bid Cars. Looks like her scam got busted quick.


In another TikTok live, Davis appeared with a blue car in the background, which is the car she reportedly needed $2,000 for, according to a source. In the video, a pinned comment from a user named taylor_callmepretti, who seems to be assisting Davis with her scam, reads, “her car got shot up! She needs help! Let’s help her loves.” 

The video shows Davis upset because people were calling her out for scamming. In an attempt to deflect the criticism, she refers to the individuals attacking her as “fake pages.”


I’m a bum and broke

Alexis Davis, allegedly running scam on TikTok, claiming her car was shot up.
Alexis Davis, allegedly running scam on TikTok, claiming her car was shot up.

In another video, Davis wanted to set the record straight that she was a bum and that she was broke. In her video, she said all she asked for was $1 from anyone who could send her one to help her get a new car.

“Like baby, I need a car on my mama,” Davis said in the begging video. “I have 3 kids and it’s hard without a car y’all.”

Davis said she understood people telling her to catch buses, but she says it’s hard to do that with three children. Two things can be true: it may be difficult for her to take three kids back and forth on a public transit bus, and she’s a scammer.


That’s why I’m trying to get a car so I can work and pay my own way in life

In another TikTok Live, Davis went a step further by informing her viewers that she is trying to get a car so she can work, support herself, and pay her own way through life independently. She mentioned that she is reaching out to her viewers because she needs a car to “get money”.

“If y’all can, send $10 you guys…y’all just up here watching me, being nosey worrying about what I’m doing…worrying about me begging ,”Davis said to her live viewers. “send a dollar!


I just had to stab this man

Davis just keeps bringing the drama! In a recent video, she appears to be quite worked up as she shares a wild story about having to defend herself and her kids by allegedly stabbing her baby daddy who was holding her hostage. She urged anyone in a toxic relationship to follow her lead and get out if they’re dealing with a toxic man.

“I’m walking with my kids y’all, mind you I am trying to protect them and protect me y’all, so he come behind me, choking me y’all and I’m talking about my baby daddy,” Davis said in the video. “I don’t know why he wants to hurt me so bad and I don’t know why he’s after me, but I’m scared for my life.”


Insiders reveal to The North Carolina Beat that the video is simply another one of Davis’ attention-grabbing antics aimed at pulling on heartstrings and pocketbooks of her TikTok Live audience.

It was said that Davis reportedly made more than $3,000 scamming on TikTok, while she’s reportedly riding around in a blue jeep truck.


  1. This bad built big back butch lookin b¡tch in a braided wig need to quit. Its single mothers really going through a hard time that need help but dont say a word they get up atb4am to have them kids dressed and out the house to be on the first bus out. They make it to work in time do their job with a smile while deep inside hurting and depressed but dont say sht especially not to no damn internet.

    The power of life and death lies in the power of ones own tongue so for her to speak this kind of trauma on her kids (that she probably dont even have custody of) is sick and the bus is her best bet until she get that lie right with God and her followers.

    If she need/want a car/new car then just say that but dont fcking lie and especially like that.


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