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‘Tell Ya Mama I Said It’: Rocky Mount Middle School teacher caught on video disrespecting student


“Now, say one more word, Ima prove it better than I can tell you,” Jaquez Murphy, a teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School, is seen on video yelling at another student. The mother of the child, Jenell Lyons, posted the video on social media but later deleted it.

Jaquez Murphy, teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School.
Jaquez Murphy, teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School.

Word on the Curb… A teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School acted inappropriately recently when he disrespected a student in a classroom and then instructed her to ‘tell’ her mama that he said what he said.

The North Carolina Beat has identified the ‘sassy’ teacher as 26-year-old Jaquez Tremone Murphy. According to the Rocky Mount Middle School website, he is an Instructional Resource Teacher, but it seems like he also exhibits angry-bird behavior and childish tendencies that are not suitable for our public schools.

Now, don’t get me wrong, students can be challenging and sometimes misbehave, but a teacher should not say things to a student and then tell them to go tell their mother what they said. At that point, it becomes disrespectful, and it seems like a can of whoop-a** needs to be opened, as if telling the student that if their parents have a problem with what they said, then they can confront them.

The video was posted by the mother of the child, Jenell Lyons, but it’s unclear why she deleted it. But we do remember seeing in her post before she deleted it that she had supported Mr. Murphy tirelessly and was shocked at his behavior. Maybe the people in the comments got to the mother and she removed it.

Jaquez Murphy, teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School.
Jaquez Murphy, teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School.

In the video, Mr. Murphy is seen wearing extra-tight pants and a yellow shirt as he leans on a podium, while other students look on in laughter and shock. I would laugh too, because who takes this big bottom seriously.

“Shut your mouth, you not going to win this,” Murphy says to the student. “I’m not your mama, you not gon keep talking to me like you done lost your everlasting mind.”

Umm. Now, how does this clown know how this child talks to their mother? He really wants all the smoke, doesn’t he?

“I’m not these kids,” Murphy tells the student. “The ones you should be fussing with, you don’t…so, shut your mouth and stop talking to me please, I said what I said.”

Mr. Murphy told the student shut her mouth in his classroom. He then went on and seemingly made a threat to the student, claiming that if she said one more word, he was going to “prove it” to her.

“Now, say one more word, ima prove it better than I can tell you,” Murphy yells at the student. “SAY ONE MORE WORD!”

Jaquez Murphy, teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School.
Jaquez Murphy, teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School.

Obviously, the student was becoming upset with Mr. Murphy due to his manner of speaking to her. Mr. Murphy reported that she began cracking her knuckles and rolling her eyes. He told her that it was fine, but before she opened her mouth again, she had better count to ten in her head and take deep breaths.

We contacted the child’s mother for a comment, but we did not receive a response by the time we published this story.


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