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‘NOT ANOTHER BLACK MAN’: Fayetteville police officer Dillion Hoke accused of killing man after they fought during a traffic stop


Fayetteville, North Carolina police officer, Dillion Hoke, accused of killing 49-year-old DeMarcus Brodie during a traffic stop on Thanksgiving Day

One thing about the police in Fayetteville, North Carolina is that they seem to have no qualms about taking the life of a black man. It’s truly disheartening. SMH!

A Fayetteville police officer has been identified after allegedly killing 49-year-old DeMarcus Brodie during a traffic stop on Thanksgiving Day, just as his family was preparing to gather and celebrate the holiday with good food.

DeMarcus Brodie killed during traffic stop by Fayetteville, North Carolina, police officer, Dillion Hoke
DeMarcus Brodie

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Around 4:30 p.m., the identified officer, Dillion Hoke, who joined the Fayetteville Police Department in 2016, along with another officer pulled over Brodie along the 2000 block of Murchison Road, according to a press release.

During the traffic stop, Fayetteville Police Chief Kemberle Braden stated that Brodie resisted arrest and began assaulting officers, which ultimately resulted in Hoke shooting and killing Brodie.

The Fayetteville Police Department claims that prior to the shooting, officers employed de-escalation techniques and a taser, but Brodie persisted in assaulting two officers at the scene.

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According to the press release, Officer Hoke, who has been placed on administrative leave, was transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries he allegedly sustained during the altercation.

He has since been released from the hospital.

The shooting has been turned over to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, which will lead the investigation since it involved a police officer.

Police have refused to release information or details about the incident or what led up to the alleged fight and deadly shooting of Brodie.

According to the police, a knife was found at the scene, and Brodie was reported to be the sole occupant of the vehicle.

Brodie’s family said they want to know why he was stopped, but Fayetteville police refuse to tell them.

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