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North Carolina woman charged after her pit bulls attacked 3 people


A female individual from Hope Mills, North Carolina was charged by Chatham County law enforcement officials following an incident where she allegedly abandoned four pit bulls in a residential area under construction, resulting in the dogs attacking three individuals.

The suspect, identified as Brittney Patrice Fountain, aged 31, faces charges including four counts of animal cruelty, four counts of animal abandonment, one count of failure to comply with rabies vaccination requirements for a dog, and multiple violations of Chatham County ordinances.

According to legal records, on Monday, May 20, three individuals were reportedly attacked by the dogs in the vicinity of Jordan Lake. Witnesses from a nearby housing development reported hearing cries for help from a mother and her son as they were being attacked by the dogs. A neighbor intervened to deter the dogs from further harm.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement officers, the mother was found with bite injuries on her legs and left hand, while her son sustained multiple bites on his legs. Fortunately, both victims are expected to recover from their injuries.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office indicated that they exhausted all non-lethal methods to subdue the animals and successfully captured three of the four dogs. Despite multiple attempts to capture the remaining dog, law enforcement was compelled to fatally shoot the animal.


  1. Why get any animal if you cannot afford to take care of it? No matter how old they get they are just like toddlers and just like toddlers they depend on their owners to feed them bathe them house them train them and get their check ups and shots on time because they are not able to do it themselves. That is the responsibility you choose to take on when you take ownership of them so if you are not ready for that responsibility do not get them.
    If you are no longer able to carry that responsibility then try to get them rehomed or turn them over to the shelter or animal control services.
    Animals are expensive to take care of just like children and just like children if you are struggling with one dont get more.

    Pit bulls already have a bad reputation because of owners like this one not raising them properly and raising them to be vacuous attack dogs making it hard to rehome them and they end up getting put down like these four dogs.
    Had these dogs been raised and trained properly they would not have attacked these people. They would have minded their own business or been easy to approach.

    I have a pit and he has never attacked anyone he sniffs and hugs everyone even strangers but dont get it twisted he will protect me his cat and our home if he senses you to be a threat and they know a threat when they sense one.
    I have had him since he was 9mths old and I did not raise him to be aggressive so when dogs are aggressive it is because they were taught to be and have not been socialized which is not ok.

    I hate that one had to be shot and the other three are going to most likely be put down because they have shown that they are dangerous and will kill plus they have now tasted human blood and will attack again.
    I am glad that the mother and her child are ok but I also hate that they had to get a rabies shot and I have been told that the needle is big and they hurt.

    To the irresponsible owner I hope they throw every charge that they can at you.
    Ps medical and liability insurance also comes with that care/ownership of pets especially dogs.


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