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Man crashes into pole leaving him with injuries after allegedly robbing a woman at gun point for Balenciaga shoes


If the claims that a suspect aimed a gun at a woman to steal her expensive Balenciaga sneakers are accurate, then the injuries he sustained were well-deserved.

As per Oklahoma City law enforcement, 21-year-old Taber Carter had apparently agreed to purchase a pair of red-and-silver Balenciagas, typically valued at over $1,000. However, the woman selling them was not asking for that price in this particular transaction.

Reported by Fox 25, the transaction took place on the ‘Offer Up’ app, where Carter operated under the username “Turbo” and expressed his interest in purchasing the shoes.

Suspect did not show up at planned 7-Eleven location to buy the shoes

red-and-silver Balenciagas
red-and-silver Balenciagas

As per the report, Carter did not show up at the 7-Eleven on Saturday. Instead, he messaged the female seller and asked her to meet him at his vehicle. Upon approaching Carter’s car, the woman claimed he aimed a pistol resembling a Glock at her head.

She mentioned that she handed over the shoes to Carter but managed to snatch one as he attempted to leave.

2 hours later, suspect found asleep behind the wheel before crashing car

According to authorities, Carter managed to evade capture for at least two hours before being discovered asleep in his vehicle. Upon being awakened by the police, he attempted to flee by accelerating and ultimately crashed into a utility pole during a pursuit.

Carter sustained injuries during the incident, as evidenced by his mugshot displaying multiple facial injuries following his arrest.

He has been charged with endangering others while evading law enforcement and robbery or attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. Carter is currently being held without bond and is in custody.


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