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19-year-old charged after threatening to shoot up Gray’s Creek High School in Cumberland County


A 19-year-old caused a stir at Cumberland County High School, leading to a lockdown, by making threats to “empty a clip” at Gray’s Creek High School.

Gray’s Creek High School

Dwight McCoy faced charges and appeared in court the next day. Now, he’s barred from his upcoming graduation due to a series of incidents, including being caught smoking marijuana in the school bathroom.

Dwight’s father, Ivey McCoy, claimed that the school principal handled the situation by putting his son in a “choke hold like George Floyd.”

Dwight recounted that his words were misinterpreted after getting caught smoking weed, leading to a confrontation that resulted in him being grabbed by the principal.

“The man on the other side thought that I was cussing him out,” McCoy told WRAL. “And then he walked and told the principal and then the principal came and grabbed me and then everything started happening downstairs.”

Ivey McCoy recounted how the principal had his foot pressed against his son’s neck, while the son desperately gasped for air, repeatedly pleading that he couldn’t breathe.

“I had to snatch the [deputy] off him to get off my son, because he was going to kill him,” Ivey McCoy told WRAL.

When Dewight supposedly made threats to shoot up the school, the principal swiftly initiated a code red lockdown, as per the police report.

Although no weapons were discovered, McCoy faces charges for making threats at a school and engaging in violent behavior.

Sources from the school informed WRAL News that both the student and his father were under investigation following the student’s alarming statement about “emptying a clip on the school.”

“This type of charge can lead to imprisonment,” said Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West. “It could lead to a final felony conviction, which is not going to allow you to finish school, not going to have you to have employment opportunities. It’s just a serious crime because it’s a serious threat to the community.”

McCoy has been released from jail after posting a $20,000 secured bond and will be under the watchful eye of Fayetteville Police.

The judge has prohibited McCoy from setting foot on any school campus, including Gray’s Creek High School. McCoy’s upcoming court appearance is scheduled for April 17.


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