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‘Deep Fryer Baptism’: NC Pastor tries to stick his wife’s co-worker’s head into a deep fryer at McDonalds


Pastor Dwayne Waden of Elevated Life International Ministries in High Point, North Carolina has been charged with assault and battery. Pastor Waden is accused of trying to stick his wife’s co-worker’s head in a deep fryer after his wife and the co-worker got into an argument.

Word On The Curb…a High Point, North Carolina, pastor attempted to baptize one of his wife’s co-workers by nearly dunking their head in a deep fryer at a McDonald’s where she was training to become a manager. Police in High Point have charged 57-year-old Pastor Dwayne Waden in the incident.

Pastor Dwayne Waden
Pastor Dwayne Waden

According to the police, Pastor Waden’s wife, LaToya Gladney-Waden, was at a McDonald’s on S. Main Street, where she claimed that her co-workers were “disrespecting” her during a training session. Police said that’s when LaToya called her pastor husband, who seemed to have left his holy ghost at home to drive and stand up for his wife.

Pastor Waden walked around the counter and grabbed the victim by the neck

According to eyewitness accounts, the pastor of Elevated Life International Ministries walked into the fast-food restaurant, went behind the counter, and allegedly placed his hands around the victim’s neck. After Pastor Waden grabbed the victim by the neck, he allegedly pushed the victim’s head toward one of the restaurant’s hot deep fryers, according to the police.

Witnesses informed the police that Pastor Waden repeatedly punched the victim in the face and did not stop until several employees intervened and pulled him away from the victim.

Police said the victim suffered a “large contusion” to the forehead and his right eye. Officers said they also noted scratches on the victim’s neck.

The victim was transported to the hospital by his family. The police said the officers were able to watch surveillance footage of the incident before arresting Waden for assault and battery.

Pastor Dwayne Waden
Pastor Dwayne Waden’s wife, LaToya Gladney-Waden

Pastor Waden was taken to the jail and posted a $1,000 bond. He is due back in court on January 22.


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