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‘Alcoholic’ mayor in Sharpsburg, North Carolina charged for second time with DWI


Sharpsburg, North Carolina mayor Robert Williams Jr., 59, is charged with DWI for the second time.

Once again, a North Carolina mayor has endangered lives by driving under the influence, unable to stop drinking and getting behind the wheel of his vehicle. It seems that Sharpsburg Mayor Robert Williams Jr., 59, will not face any seriousconsequences for his reckless actions until he actually kill someone.

If it had been you or me as ordinary citizens, we would already be serving a prison sentence. Hopefully, this time the drunk can check into rehab and get some much-needed help, instead of trying to run a city drunker than a cooter brown.

Sharpsburg, North Carolina mayor Robert Williams Jr.
Sharpsburg, North Carolina mayor Robert Williams Jr.

According to Rocky Mount Telegram, Williams was pulled over by the Rocky Mount Police Department in Nash County at around 4:26 p.m. on December 21. The traffic stop occurred on South Wesleyan Boulevard at May Drive. Officers at the scene reported that an hour after pulling over the mayor, he had a blood alcohol level of 0.21, according to the outlet.

The area where Williams was stopped was between Englewood and Stoney Creek on the western side of the city, in a bustling commercial area.

Police receive 911 call about Sharpsburg, North Carolina mayor driving drunk.

Officials said a caller dialed 911 and reported that a motorist seemed to have been driving drunk. The officer conducted a traffic stop, and it was Williams. According to a police report, the officers found sufficient grounds to arrest Williams and take him to the magistrate’s office.

He is currently out on a custody release, which is when the accused is released to a person or organization that agrees in writing to supervise them until the accused’s case is resolved. However, this isn’t the first time the Mayor has been drunk driving.

Mayor Robert Williams Jr. was arrested in 2018 for DWI

Sharpsburg, North Carolina mayor Robert Williams Jr.
Sharpsburg, North Carolina mayor Robert Williams Jr.

As you can tell, the mayor did not learn from this first incident when he was caught drinking and driving while holding the office of the mayor in Sharpsburg. According to online reports, Williams left the Sharpsburg Town Hall on election night in May 2018 and reportedly almost caused a crash when he nearly hit another vehicle behind him while backing up. At the time, an officer attempted to pull over Williams for failing to maintain lane control, but he fled from officers until he reached his home.

On the night of the incident, Williams was carrying a concealed weapon and was indicted for possessing a weapon after consuming alcohol, carrying a concealed handgun on prohibited premises, and resisting two public officers.

The charges were dismissed in January 2019, but Williams pleaded guilty to having a .13 alcohol level. He was sentenced to one day in jail and also ordered to perform 24 hours of community service, as well as serve two years on probation.


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