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Georgia student sentenced to 1 year in jail after she assaulted her teacher in viral video


It’s about time the courts punish these students for assaulting their teachers. Teachers come to work daily to teach children so they have a good education and be great in life. Sometimes, you may not agree with your teacher, but as a student and a child, you don’t have the right to assault them.

PAY BACK IS A MOFO tho because now this 15-year-old girl who wanted to show off in front of her class by assaulting her teacher will spend the next year in a juvenile detention center and five years of supervised release after serving her time.

You may remember the viral video, it was one where the teacher did not fight back as the Rocky Mount, North Carolina teacher did, but this teacher didn’t stand a chance with this badass brat of a child.

The assault happened on the teacher at Heritage High School on January 26, 2023, in Rockdale, Georgia. 

Tiwana Turner told Fox 5 Atlanta that the student just “went off” after she tried to confiscate her phone. Turner said she was in the hospital for six days.

I was in the hospital six days and the numbers was there all six days, Turner said.

Tiwana Turner


A Rockdale County assistant district attorney said the student pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated battery against a teacher, a felony in Georgia.

According to the assistant district attorney, the student was sentenced to one year in a youth detention center, and after her release, she will be on five years of supervised probation.

Turner said she believes discipline needs to start at home but she also want more resources available for emotionally-troubled kids and teens.

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  1. She can’t even fight I’m sure if the teacher pulled a Ms.Steele on her that lil flimsy Heffa would’ve got dragged all through them halls


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