Thursday, June 13, 2024

Rocky Mount NC student assault substitute teacher and teacher fights student


The North Carolina Beat has received a video showing an unidentified student and substitute teacher fighting inside a Rocky Mount High School classroom.

The incident happened this morning and the full story of what led to this brawl is unclear, but in the video, the student is behind the desk telling the teacher, “No, you did not keep nobody else phone” as the teacher appears to be calling someone from the classroom phone.

You finna give me my shit, the student says as she walks behind the teacher and appear to go for something.

The student then begins to touch the substitute teacher, in which the substitute teacher pushes up on the student saying, “girl, don’t touch me.” The teacher pushes the student’s arm as the student touches her, and the next thing you know, the student with her right arm tries to hit the teacher in the face.

The student and the substitute teacher have a full out brawl.


The North Carolina Beat has identified the substitute teacher as 41-year-old Xaviera Steele.

Sadly the teacher is about to lose her job.

The student has been identified as 15-year-old Nevaeh Thompson

Nevaeh Thompson

We have reached out to Rocky Mount School Officials for comment.

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  1. That teacher had in thongs how u know she had no panties on? That student was wrong and needed her butt whooped

  2. She got what she deserved but I’m more than sure her parents are going to say she did nothing wrong as always never holding kid accountable for there actions ijs I applaud the teacher it will make others think before they think they can hit a teacherb

  3. That teacher had every right to the privacy of the under garment she had on! You would fight to get somebody taking you down by your hair off of you too!! This is when teens need to be charged as adults since they choose not to respect authority or rules!! She knew what she was doing, she knew not to have that phone in use. she knew right from wrong, she chose physical aggression and the teacher “tried to get help” while other students decided to keep it escalated! She was able to finally “restrain” the girl from further action which was not easy or attractive but the correct thing to do!!!

  4. she said dont touch me bout 3-4 times the student decides to kept touchin her tryna get her phone bck like 3-4 times didnt look like my dukes wanted to hit the girl but once u start tht hand motion its over. a minor or not if someone put they hands on u are try to hurt or hit u u have the right to swing bck in self defense. u can tell she didnt wanna do it to the little girl if she didnt she wouldve never told the students to get a teacher. n when she got her down its not like she was still swingin at the lil girl she was callin for someone to escort shawty up outta dere. im on dukes side bc tht was the right thing to do aint just gone let no lil a*s kid hit me in my face if she swung once she was gone swing again. its all bout respect at the end if the day. the school wide rule in our county is not phone in the class rooms unless the teacher says u can have em out n if the teacher see em they supposed to take it. n dukes was my substitute teacher not too long ago n she said as soon as we all got in there… u can listen to music but she dont wanna see your phone out or she was gone take it. kids gone learn one day to do wht a teacher or principal tell em to do. even tho im still in hs i think they really should bring bck the smackin the kids hands wit rulers. bc nowadays theres no discipline wit kids n teens nowadays n frfr u cant even blame the parents nowadays, bc most kids gone do wht they want, say wht they want, act how they want, n go where they want want not caring if they gone suffer consequences or not n uk some kids either hang or go to school or grow up wit ppl tht they not gone get no where wit or think they gone get somewhere wit some of the shi they do. n it really dont matter where u frm it could be the hood or the burbs its always gone be the kids tht go down the right path or the wrong path it just depends on who they’ve been around n ppl can only do so much to help we either gone learn it the hard way or the easy way. tht goes for every age. all i can say is live your life how u want just think bout wht u do before u do it n learn frm your mistakes. fr i dont know y i said all this like anybody gone see it n reply but whoever do see this pls help these kids, teens, n peers around u . we have to lookout for each other or if not at least lookout for yourself n other u associate yourself wit n watch yo surroundings bc mfs be on hot shi n dont use they brain. BE SAFE FAM !🖤

  5. The child was wrong for swinging and the teacher was wrong for using the phone handle and she did have drawers, it was a thong. Not work appropriate and also she could try to hide her butt better after subduing the child. But these kids are savages now a days raised by savages, so this is an lose lose situation.

    • So specific underwear is now within appropriate work attire guidelines ?? In the midst of “subduing” the student… yes I’m sure that would be your first thought as to fix your clothing!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. I’m on the teacher side! These children do not respect adults or anything that requires rules. As soon as the child that wants to be treated like an adult came behind my desk, I would have put her in a chokehold and dragged her out into the hallway. Teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with this kind of situations.

    • Booooo. Now this child CLEARLY was trying to hit that ADULT over a damn phone and you up here talking bout “ you would have whooped that b***h a*s for Jumping On your child”. YOU BIG DUMMY! That teacher was defending her self ! Did you not see that bad a*s lil girl reach back to hit the damn adult ? Sometime you got to teach your bad a*s kids or the world will teach them! Idiot you would have got to a*s whooped to .

    • Really so it’s ok for your child to jump and beat in an adult and you would say good job baby for whopping that teacher that took your phone …….yea that’s why kids outta control for parents like you

  7. It’s very crazy how people are actually siding with this disrespect from this student . Put yourself in the teacher shoes ? What would you have done ? Nobody is about to just stand there and allow someone to just put their hands on them . The lady called for help 3 times and nobody came before the altercation took place. The child clearly came behind the desk “which is the teachers personal space” .and I’m pretty sure that child isn’t raised that way and was just trying to do all of that for her fellow classmates and in the end she seen that they laughed at her . Kids in this generation is totally out of control. This lady has been working with kids for more than 20 years so like be forreal please . And then it Seems to me you all are more focused on this woman “a*s” being out then the real problem that’s at hand . I hate this happened to her but baby she had every right to protect yourself and the lady is hurt behind all of this because it’s very clear , she has a passion for children hell she has kids of her own . She’s definitely going to lose her job for sure but I think something should done to the child as well because why did you even have your phone out ? Why did you step in the teachers personal space and was very disrespectful? Like it’s just so many questions and really no answers .

  8. No, that was a 15 year old child and that’s a grown a*s woman. She had no right putting her hands on that kid . There’s a right way to handle a situation there’s a wrong way to handle situation she could’ve pushed her against the wall, something other than put her hands on her. That teacher was raising her hand first, I don’t care she was raising her hand first she was ready to fight she was ready to put her hands on that Child. You can see it in her face talking about stand up together for her no, she should’ve put some damn clothes on her a*s and at the end the day she had a dress on there is students in there and she still on the floor with that child and her a*s hanging out wow and you want to stand for that teacher NO she needs to learn some respect. I hope she loses her job. I hope she never teaches again. I don’t care there was a right way to handle the situation and she sure did not do that because if she did, she would’ve never been arrested in the first place thank you she will be charged that Child has nothing to lose that teacher lost her career

    • The teacher should not lose her job or her career, she should not be arrested and charged with anything. If people put this same type of energy into teacher their children how to stay in a child’s place and not disrespect adults then tis incident would have never happened. It doesn’t matter about the teacher’s clothes you would have never known what was under her clothes if the student had stayed in her place and respected her as the authority figure in that class room. As I told my son, if you think an adult did you wrong, you tell me and let me handle the adult. He had my permission to walk away, leave the situation and call me and I would deal with the consequences of him walking out the classroom. But if he had ever raised his hands or voice to yell at his teachers like that, he would have been scared for them to call me , cause he would have gotten his butt beat again (and I work for the department of children services). Stop upholding these children when they are in the wrong, I will defend and fight to the end for them but when they are wrong I tell them the truth. All actions have consequences, the student decided to act like she was an adult so the teacher treated her like she was an adult. These same people that want this teacher to lose her job are the same ones that aren’t teaching their children how to be respectful, the student could have went to the office talked to the principal about the teacher taking her phone or she could went to the office and called her parents about the situation, she got what she deserved, I said what I said.

    • Put yourself in that teacher place, it easy to say what you would have done if it was you. That child needed just what see got, her a*s whooped.She came into that teacher space, she didn’t have any business with a phone anyway. That’s what’s wrong with these kids now, people like you.

    • Boooooo the damn girl was about to know the ADULT out you think she should have just let the girl hit her ? DID YOU NOT SEE THE SANE VIDEO WE SO WITH A CLEAR MIND? ARE YOU BLIND AF? Got to be. The girl got into adult space and got dealt with like an adult! You silly clown talking about that was a 15 Uriel child well the minute she touch that ADULT and then the minute she kept going towards that ADULT and then the minute she reached her 15 year old arm to hit that got damn adult she became an adult! SHE SHOULD HAVE WHOOPED HER A*S . Play with adults get adult prizes

    • You are an idiot and probably got bad a*s kids . Both were charged with assault . You know why? Cause THE DAMN VIDEO SHOWED THE BULLY A*S KID STEP BEHIND THE DAMN DESK AND ATTEMPT TO HIT THE TEACHER. Teacher was defending herself . But you a simple a*s

    • You need yo a*s whipped to because first of all she was dress appropriately until the fight broke out second that girl know she don’t suppose to have a phone at school no way third of all way theses youngster killing people hell yeah she had the right I would have beat the brakes off her a*s cause you a child stay in yo place

    • Okay will ima get my 15yr old niece to hit yu in yur face and yu better stand there and take it or ima whip yo a*s. Since yu believe she was wrong for defending herself.

    • So her calling for help and allowing that student to get that close in her space is ok with you so you saying if you was the teacher you push her against the wall after she swung on you and pulled your hair out all you would’ve done was just think about the dress you had on and cover your a*s up let the girl beat your a*s and take her phone back umm 🤔 I very seriously doubt you would

  9. Ppl need to group together and stand up for this teacher. No student should ever put their hands in a teacher no matter what. The lack of discipline starts at home and it shows the parents have not shown their child to respect adults and the teacher. That child needs to be charged with felony assault charges!!

  10. The student needs to be charged with assault.

    And the teacher needs to be fired. She has no panties on sitting at an open desk. Now think about that. We already know what she was doing “Sniper Shooting” her P***y Cat to all the young boys in the class as she spread her legs for them to take peek-a-boo shots of her fat Kitty Kat.

    • Why does the teacher need to be fired? Who cares she wasn’t wearing any underwear. That has nothing to do with that student assaulting the teacher.

    • Dumb a*s she had on thongs why you mad cause your teacher wore that dress that came down to her shoes and you couldn’t see nothing…..the woman was dressed appropriately that day she decided to wear some thongs does dress code say you have wear your period panties get the f**k outta here

  11. The Substitute Teacher had no underwear on. That was disgusting 🤮. Not Professional at all. Children should stay in a Child’s place and stop disrespecting Adults.. Period

  12. Why didn’t that teacher have on underpants in the classroom. She was disrespecting herself and the students by showing her butt. She was wrong and so was the student, the situation was not handled correctly and in a professional manner. That child should have been sent to the office. Teacher’s hands are tired today in the classroom, they are not allowed to touch a child and when you go into this profession you have to realize that. Many of today’s children are not raised with respect for their parents or other adults.

    • Susan it didn’t matter if she had on underwear or not wouldn’t nobody kknew if that disrespectful child had of stay in her place.

    • I might of understood this….if I could understand where’s the teacher underpants??? I think this might have to do with boys. Teachers today be involved with students too. So this just leave me to suspect the teacher is no different from the student. Interested in the same boy or boys. What’s another the number one reason females fight? Hint

      • Did you listen to what was Saud in the video? It was about a phone not boys and that teacher had on under garment. It’s called a thong.

  13. Some of y’all sound real delusional in the comments! How do you side with disrespectful bratty behavior of a minor? Parents out here allowing social media and electronic devices to raise these bad attitude having and entitled a*s kids! The teachers can’t even teach in peace anymore because they have to worry about protecting themselves or who to call what as it relates to who want to be “addressed” as a boy or girl! Stop half a*s raising these kids and you won’t have to worry about them getting what they had coming to them! Put prayer back in school…but y’all don’t know how that works either😒

    • Them ones siding with the child is the exact ones that be having badass kids and everything be everyone fought but the child. But I’m here to tell someone child swing on me I’m beat they a*s and the mama to. I work in the school also these kids don’t care about the teacher or nothing. They think they can come to school and do what they want to

  14. These kids today are so disrespectful! At the end of the day the teacher is the authority of the classroom what he or she says goes…You wouldn’t go on a cruise and be disrespectful to the captain of the ship if so you would get put off the ship and find your way back home. I’ve always told my kids the the teacher is the authoritarian of the classroom just like I’m the authority of my house. They are rules in place for reason. I don’t understand this new way of parenting. If your child is going to act like this why send them to school this child “may” have ruined her life because this will go on her record.

  15. Well, parents….are not like they were when I was going up school. We would have never put our hands on a teacher/substitute. We would have gotten our azz beat when we got home. I wonder what did her parents do or/and say to their daughter? If nothing, then this is why kids are like they are in school.

  16. In any situation no student is supposed to behind the teachers desk unless asking for help or talking to the teacher about something. And you can clearly see the student behind the teacher and touching her and then by the side of the teacher touching her again and in-front of the teacher touching her further more and thats when the teacher is telling the student to not put their hands on her and the teacher shoved her enough to get her away from the desk and then the student comes in with her right hand and tries to hit the teacher and the teacher reacts and a fight starts with both of them falling to the floor and then the teacher restraining her from getting up and asking others to call for assistance. And if your not a teacher you wouldn’t know anything what teachers go through, or how you child is at school, and the amount of training they have to do. Along with that almost every school the teachers tell students not to have their phones out so she disobeyed the rules and got it taken and if the teacher gave her more than one warning then she would have to take her phone because phones are a class disturbance to all who are in the classroom. Im siding with the teacher in this because today’s generation of kids are very disrespectful and don’t know how to follow rules at school and its very simple to do she thought she could beat the teacher and be the class clown and got her a*s beat. And if she would had stayed in her seat the teacher would had probably gave her phone back to her but she chose to engage in a physical altercation with the teacher. So read the student and teacher handbook at your school and see what a teacher can do and what a student can do or not do.

    • And yes it was unprofessional for the teacher to handle it this way but no one knows what came to the teachers mind when the student tried to swing on her.

    • The student who recorded it told the school dad the girl in the video have been disrespectful the whole day. The teacher took all of their phones during connection and gave everybody back there with her because of the disrespect. The young girl then told one of her classmates, “y’all better record me Ima go viral whoopin her a*s.’

  17. Little girl reach for phone never touching this teacher I feel like she bully this kid you give everybody there phone except this kid real talk if she wouldn’t have never pushed that kid kid would not have hit her you hear the kids say don’t touch me and the teacher really did touch her multiple times even with her body I swear to God thank God this is not my child the police wouldn’t have to arrest the teacher she would have to see me about my child not saying the kid wasn’t disrespectful but when you’re in a profession like this you cannot go around putting your hands on somebody else child I don’t give a damn who You are that’s what the police for the principal for she should have just wrote her up let her got that phone and sent her to that office so she could have got suspended this is very unprofessional the school board need to do something and also something also need to happen with this kid both wrong but the teacher wrong she’s supposed to be professional she shove the kid multiple times as kid reach for the phone her hands was not on her she just was reaching for the phone

    • Get out of her with that crap. That girl deserved what she got. A good ole a*s whooping. The girl should not have been on the phone in the class in the first dam place and the teacher would not have taken her phone. She was showing off trying to be cute and she got that a*s beat. Now maybe she will sit her a*s down in class and pay attention like a little girl is supposed to. I say when a student is that bold and they want to put their hands on a teacher like an adult then they need an a*s whooping like one

    • You ma’am are part of the problem! As a teacher and a parent, y’all raise these rude disrespectful children not realizing that teachers, etc. are human too. You make these children feel and think that they’re above rules and consequences but as soon as it’s something happens, the first thing that y’all scream about it “professionalism”… well what happened to her respect and manners? But I’m guessing you don’t want to talk about that, huh? If you have that kind of attitude homeschool your children and you won’t have to worry about it being your child because prayerfully you’ve taught them better.😏🙄

      • If it wasn’t for the children, the teachers wouldn’t have a job so if we homeschool our kids, y’all won’t have a damn job Half of these teachers or in it for a paycheck. If you can’t handle your temper, you shouldn’t be a teacher. Clearly, the child was provoking her but she didn’t have to put her hands on that child like that that was a child. I don’t care it was a child

        • Stfu. You send them bad a*s kids into the world with no respect the world will deal with them accordingly. The child hit her first but that ADILT blocked the hit . Did you not see that blue shirt arm reach at that teacher? Tf is wrong with y’all’s perception . She has to defend herself or she would have got her a*s tore up by that kid. Go sit down and take parenting classes you dummy

    • Home train your kid at home first and teach them to respect then you can send them to school. Parents like you are the problem, condoning disrespect to others furtherless your teacher… Ain’t no one can put their hands on my kids either but if you swing at the teacher first unnecessarily, ain’t no way I am going to act as if you are right!!!

    • It’s punk a*s parents like you that got that girl like this. Are you blind and dumb the student did touch the teacher. I wish that was your kid and I was the teacher. And you would get your a*s beat just like your kid did

    • You do not walk up upon an adult teacher and crowd up against him/her. The teacher was in protected mode because, the student had closed that zone where you enter into someone personal space. Every human being anticipates physical threat in this situation, even you. That teacher actually, I believe held back on this child and could have done serious damage but exercised real restraint. The teacher was strong enough to pin her down on the floor MMA style, without continuous tussle. I grew up in the Military, so when I acted a fool, all the teachers had to do was call my dad, and I received a hotline call straight to the classroom. In front of the whole class the phone was given to me, and dad would without question say, “Do you want me to come down there and get next to you?” No dad, end of conversation. Because I knew he would come down and whoop my behind in front of everyone. Much respect to my dad, a real man, a real parent.

  18. Man!! She showed her a*s! 😂😂😂. She definitely is gonna get a boost on Instagram if she has an account…shiiit I’ll take it. But she was definitely in the right 👍👍👍👍. Children today don’t understand or get discipline…at all

  19. Ms. Steele, I dont blame you at all. Yall kids need to stay in youor place, I dont care what an adult does, you dont talk that way and you damn sho dont think you finna hit and not get beat down. That lil heffa deserved it. Ms. Teacher I just wished you could had a little more restraint, you shoulda yanked her a*s then restrained and told someone to call for teacher.. but she deserved to get her a*s whooped, dam I wish the best for you and your career. SN: You know u shoulda had some real draws on, im hoping u atleast had a thong on in the school house, but to each his own. I wish you coulda beat her a*s some mo, grown a*s heifa! She need to be expelled!

  20. Its not a joke but at the same time i cant give that many fucks about it like that. For one we dont know what happened or what was said between teacher an student before the camera started rolling. We see what they want us to see. I have alot of restraint myself so i know i wouldnt have gotten that far. But the world has to do better as a whole anyway. This right here dont make no sence. Personally any person who comes to work to teach my kids wit no draws on need to be fired and her mama needs to whoop her a*s for coming out like that. Unprofessional! Thats why the fight prolly happened ms sub is Unprofessional.

    • Did yo dumb a*s even listen to the video. It was about a cell phone and the little idiot kid said she was going to giver her back her phone then proceed to curse then proceeded to close the ADULT IN AT HER DESK THEN PROCEEDED TO SWING AFTER THE TEACHER SAID DONT YOUCH ME .. what tf is wrong with your ears. And the teacher had in a thong to simple a*s paying attention to the wrong thing

  21. The only thing the teacher was wrong for is not wearing no draws! Y’all keep sending y’all bad a*s kids to schools thinking the disrespect gone fly with just anyone but it’s not! Now I don’t condone adults beating on kids but had this CHILD stayed in a CHILDS place this wouldn’t have happened! You can’t swing without thinking you can’t get swung on .

    • Understand the teacher were trying to call the office when that disrespectful child came up to her. So yea I think I would’ve been ready too! Sad but true.

    • Swing by swing shiddd she wasn’t wrong for not wearing underwear that’s her comfort zone (And I get that) 🤷🏽‍♀️. Now that disrespectful a child need to stay in a child place.

  22. First of all I’m mad that yall cropped the stripper pole out of Xaviera Steele’s photo lol. Mrs. Steele pushed the student first and she wasn’t in dress code. She damnnear sexually assaulted every student in that class room by showing her literal butt. Send her to the slammer! A proper restraint should have been used on that disrespectful student. The school should be charged for not training that woman in de-escalation.Holding the student’s head down gave George Floyd vibes. And the student should be expelled and homeschooled.

  23. Oh and she should lose her job that was ghetto better way to handle it like u don’t have to take disrespect but u are the adult so they should know how to handle a child without hitting

      • And have also disrespectful a*s adults to and it’s still a better way to handle certain situations so before you say try it ask

    • Shut the f**k up a*s hole and your kids probably disrespectful that’s why you said what u said sounding real stupid

      • Biiiitch u shut the f**k up and not a kid nor any child disrespect me I know how to act and get a point across without the extra and you look stupid yo kids probably run all over yu I said what I said

    • Ri if you look closely the teacher were getting on the phone to make a call and the disrespectful child came up to her. So yeah she asked for that a*s whooping. So why should she lose her job.

  24. Well she actually touch the girl first by bumping into her all extra hard and who gives a f**k give the girl her phone and write her up its never that serious 🧐 the right student will make u regret bein that petty abt someone else shii they don’t pay that much

    • Sad to say but these teachers has to keep their guards otherwise these kids will run all over them. Eventually we won’t have any teachers available to teach our kids because the laws are allowing these kids to not be disciplined. If anyone feels as if the teacher was wrong it’s because you feel like your child shouldn’t be disciplined and you’re upholding their wrong doings. Just keep them at home and teach them yourself. Simple as that.

      • I said what I sad I don’t gotta worry abt disrespectful kids and don’t gotta agree with shii y’all say shii if I was that child’s mother or older sibling it would be no discussion y’all let someone put they hands on y’all kids and see if u feel the same ……it’s a damn job she risked everything because she felt powerless and she could have walked tf out and got that girl gone that way when she saw the girl was getting crunk plus if u watch the video she put her hands on the girl first by bumping into her extra hard I’m sure they train u in these situations

  25. These parents are not raising their BAD a*s kids. People are tired of these BAD KIDS.

    Keep your unruly children at home with their disrespectful asses. They learned it from you crazy psychotic parents stop being friends and BE Parents!!

  26. My thoughts almost exactly, only I’ve got additional appropriate names that nasty person. I hope that child’s family beats her dirty exposed buns

  27. The teacher should not lose her job. These kids are out of control, no respect for authority or anything else. If you don’t want your kids subjected to that a*s whipping she got, teach them manners at home or keep them home and teach them yourself. She will think hard before she ever raise her hand to another adult.

    • Yes, Melisia, I agreed teachers do not want to be parents and she maybe agressively towards her adult parents at their house. The child had no fear stepping into that teacher’s space, even when she asked the child to backup. Bad children should stay at home and be raised by their parent. Give them havoc at your house not the school.

  28. I think a suspension is due for both parties but if they fire the teacher expell the student too being they both were EQUALLY wrong in the situation. However I don’t agree that a teacher can take & keep a students phone. If she wanna keep until class is over ok but give it right back and send an email or text to the child’s parent but if you didn’t pay for you don’t have a right to my child’s property….. they need to do better

  29. The teacher was WRONG! Bottom Line! If she sat on my daughter that way I would be beating her a*s! Period! I don’t care what anyone thinks! She is the adult in this situation! No class at all! Then your sitting on top of this child with your a*s out! Really! People up here defending this damn hood rat teacher! I hope she gets her a*s beat by this young girls family members! Damn her being fired! Beat that bitches a*s! Period!

    • That’s the damn problem. Your kids have no respect for authority. Steele was right to beat her a*s after she repeatedly told the student to sit down and then the student decided to whoop her a*s. Yeah you right fire the teacher. This is why police are killing our kids they do t know wtf these kids might do.These kids rotten and you don’t know which ones ain’t. But it’s ok if the system fires the teachers long as she got her phone back.

    • Then you are what’s wrong! In class a student gives their full attention to the teacher. That student had no right to walk up to the teacher like that. No right at all, and then to swing or a teacher? If the teacher could press charges she should. That student got off lucky!

    • No that teacher knew she shouldn’t have got on that small little girl!! Let’s be fro and logical about the situation any teenager is gonna blank about what’s theirs and the teacher was aggressive from the jump if u think we not gon let another teenager treat us like that what makes y’all think we are going let somebody we only know for 1hr n 30 minutes at the most do it? Make it make sense no way she should have did that in all reality she hit the student first

      • Not any teenager. My child would NEVER feel she holds authority over any adult. If my teenager is wrongly targeted by an adult, she knows proper protocol & she knows her parents are trained-to-go.

        Parents aren’t parenting due to a plethora of reasons but mental incapacity is at the helm. The blind leading the blind and the community suffers as a result. Do better.

        • The best comment yet!!! For those saying “ it couldn’t be my child” well would it be your child??? As a child if an adult disrespects you GET UR PARENTS!! Then you simps condone this, that’s why the chirren are being disrespectful.

        • I ain’t lyin baby I’m 24 and that lol girl deserve MF it I have literally been in worse situations where a teacher was PROVOKING me MY MAMA IS TTG she going to WW6 about her kids ESPECIALLY when I’m right. What wa sunder her clothes has nothing to do with it because if the day had went tf on like it was supposed to WHO TF WOULD KNOW WHATS UNDER CLOTHES! Yal kids lack ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPECT this generation is terrible

    • See someone get what I’ve been saying Smfh the teacher was the aggressor she swung at the child first but no one is talking about that & I watched the video more than 2 times.

  30. They were both wrong simple the young could have asked for the phone using better words. There’s a difference when restraining an individual verses fighting a child she demonstrated know self control being a Professional Adult. Then to blame the parents please some children come from the best of homes and still dont make the best decisions we as adults fall short at times. So stop pointing fingers it could have been your bundle of joy. See if you would be making the same statements grown folks. It takes a village most definitely not that way. Make it make sense…..

    • Ma’am, you need to back to school with those children.

      You wrote
      “There’s a difference when restraining an individual verses fighting a child she demonstrated know self-control being a Professional Adult.”

      Do you mean to say she didn’t demonstrate no self-control but either way you should have used “any self-control” and it’s versus, not verses

  31. The teacher should NOT lose her job. These kids try them because they KNOW the teachers are adults and will get into trouble. She learned tuhday! It’s natural for anyone to defend themselves.

  32. Parents! Parents! Parents!!!!! Get your kids!!! Teach your kids respect AT HOME! Don’t expect a teacher to do your job and raise your bad a*s child!!! This is the child’s mothers fault! And whoever disagrees is a part of the problem!!! Raise your damn kids!!!

    • Facts. Those that are commenting teacher wrong . I disagree. At first I would be upset but the proof is in the pudding. These kids now and days are disrespectful. This isn’t the first and this isn’t going to be the last. But lil girl you bout to be the example for any other lil child that decides they want to leap.

  33. There is no way this teacher should lose her job! That child was clearly in the wrong! She was disrespectful and the aggressor.

    The teacher could have done worst. And she has the right to defend herself.

    The young ladies parents should whoop her tall again when she gets home. She also needs expelled!

  34. The child reaching for her phone repeatedly is a sign just to give the phone back. It’s your job to teach and instill respect but you are not these kids parents nor legal guardian. Idc if the girl started anything. As a teacher she would have been sent out my class so I can teach the rest of my students simple. It’s not like the student is bigger than the teacher so I feel reaction was over the top

    • I think there’s this little young behind girl that just what she needed. She should have respected the teacher and not go behind her desk in her personal space. This type of action is unacceptable and the training needs to start at home. You got these kids are here now grown and you got the parents want to be friends and wanna party and smoke smoke and get high with their kids instead of training them how to respect and be respected. I hope that she will not lose her job. I will petition for her to continue to keep her job this little girl should’ve sat her a*s down and waited until after school. Maybe she would’ve been able to get her phone. She should not have had it out anyway.

  35. It’s so sad the teacher is expected not to defend herself. I’m sorry but whoever this teacher is you are one of my favorite. This is what is wrong with the world today kids think they are the authority figures. Tbh you didn’t whip her hard enough. If that was my kid I would beat her butt again when I got to that school. She didn’t like what the teacher did and said so she took matters in her own hands. The teacher should press charges on her YouTube clearly see who the aggressive was. I’m sorry but teachers have a right to defend themselves. If a person with a gun comes to the everyone wants and expects the teachers to protect their children but something like this we expect them to take a beat down. Good work teacher show them kids what a old fashioned A whooping looks like.

    • Let me start with this, it has nothing to do with how you raise your child. You can raise them to the best of your ability and this could still happen. The teacher should very much lose her job and go to jail. She went to school and know how some kids can be and still decided to be a sub. At no point should an adult ever put their hands on someone else’s child. The little girl just wanted her phone, not one time did she say imma whoop your ssa if I don’t get my phone. As the child reaches for her phone the teachers continuously shoved and elbow her hard. The student then defends herself and swing. Even after swinging she didn’t hit the teacher but the teacher goes on to hit her with the school phone and her fist. Then uses her weight to get the girl on the ground and continue to hit her. After a minute or two she then holds the girl head forcefully to the ground and ask for an administrator. As a teacher there were plenty of other ways she could’ve went about the situation, the teacher chose violence.

      • First of all if your kids put hands on me!!! Its going down right then! And if you or your flunkee a*s family want it they can get it too. High school kids should know better than to assault teachers period. I can’t believe parents really believe this kid didn’t get what she deserved.

      • These kids go to school not to learn but to get into mess. They attack teachers shoot principals and every thing else. The girl shouldn’t have went up there. I am sure that teacher didn’t want that dam phone. I’m sure she was going to give it back. These schools are worse than prison at least there you are equipped to defend yourself. The teacher woooped her a*s and if it was my child and I saw her up there acting like that I would whoop it again when she got home. The teacher should’ve put some drawers on. All that a*s out made no sense

  36. The teacher shouldn’t lose her job the student clear as day cause the incident upon herself thinking the teacher wasn’t gone fight back and she shouldn’t have touch her in first place smh these kids not getting held accountable for their actions is a problem

    • The teacher is wrong cause why would she not give that child her phone and allowed the other students keep their and she clearly pass the lick first and that’s why the child start fighting the teacher needs to be fired and never ever be able to work at another school and she’s needs to be arrested assaulted a minor the city school board really needs to check these ghetto people background checks cause y’all hiring all kinda of people with ghetto mindsets beating up on kids really

    • Kelly I agree with you…And if these parents learn to beat(not literally) their children it would help them not get beat on by society lol…I’m a firm believer of not invading one’s privacy or space, and keep your hands,feet,and objects to yourself if you don’t want the same in return…I have been in Education for years and from seniors (male/female) all thr way down to Pre-k all know I DO NOT PLAY!!! IF YOU DONT LISTEN I WILL TELL YOUR PARENTS THE SAME THING… ITS NOT GHETTO ITA RESPECT!!!

  37. How you big and bad then screaming for help less than 30 seconds later. These kids addicted to these phones and lack respect for any type of authority, couldn’t be me…

    • N***a if she gave everybody phone back why tf she can’t get hers they not even aloud to keep phone Nomo to prevent shit like this you actin like that big nasty b***h won’t in the wrong

      • The teacher wasn’t wrong! You don’t know what the girl did to not get her phone back. There’s no reason to disrespect a teacher! Maybe you and that student need to be in a remedial class. Both of you are stupid. Fix your grammar before you defend nonsense!

  38. This is a prime example why cell phones needs to banned from schools! These children are so disrespectful! I couldn’t be a teacher in these times! Because if she would have hit me, I would have done the same!

    • okay but the teacher shouldn’t have fought back the way she did. that was unprofessional. the girl may have been disrespectful but her phone has nothing to do with what the teacher did, you just gave a sorry excuse to “ban” phones in school. make it make sense..

      • Shouldn’t have fought back the way she did?? You sound stupid! The teacher reaction was from the girl poor actions. Her phone was taken away for a reason. So she should have sat her behind down and continued the lesson. Instead, she chose to be combative. Whelp….she chose door #2 and got taught a very valuable lesson. You’re probably one of those parents that defend their child’s poor behavior.

        • Now you know damn well when you are enraged you won’t stop. She had to subdue that silly kid because she wasn’t going to stop.


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