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Lumberton murder suspect reportedly beat up in jail for bragging about killing rapper


Rumor has it that the grin on a murder suspect’s face took a nosedive after getting a serious beatdown in the county slammer.

Word on the street is Chamberlain Oxendine was strutting his stuff in Robeson County Jail, boasting about offing the 20-year-old Lumberton rapper, “JBO” aka Tazarie Butler.

Tazarie ‘JBO’ Butler

Remember when Butler’s mom reached out about the slow arrest process? Yeah, that’s when Chamberlain’s troubles began. The grapevine suggests Sheriff Wilkins was cozying up to Chamberlain’s mom, causing delays in the arrest.

Mother wants justice for 20-year-old Lumberton, North Carolina rapper Tazarie Butler known as “JBo”

Chamberlain’s jealousy and malice came to a head when he gunned down ‘JBO’ on June 27, 2023, trying to pass it off as self-defense. A grand jury saw through his charade, indicting him for first-degree murder.

Recently, Chamberlain got a taste of his own medicine and ended up in the hospital after an attack. Looks like he might need protective custody since he’s not exactly Mr. Popular among the inmates.

Robeson County Sheriff’s Office charge man for killing Lumberton rapper 31 days later after criticism

When Chamberlain was first arrested, he wore a smug smile, proud of his actions.

But now, that smile has been wiped off his face. Vinelink can’t pinpoint his current location post-incident.


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