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Wife of Lumberton murder suspect insults victim’s mom and family by calling them “monkeys”


Word On The Curb…a bozo the Clown had the audacity to go on social media and refer to the mother and family of a man who was tragically shot by her jealous husband in their home last year as “monkeys” after a recent court hearing. We, the people, are curious: when was the last time Jayna Rae Oxendine looked in the mirror and saw anything cute?

Jayna Rae Oxendine
Jayna Rae Oxendine

In case you missed it, the unfortunate incident involved 20-year-old JBo, whose real name is Tazarie Butler, a promising rapper from Lumberton, North Carolina, who lost his life in a senseless act of violence at a home on Beam Road. The perpetrator, a supposed friend named Chamberlain Oxendine, is currently behind bars for the crime.

Tazarie Butler
Tazarie Butler

But here’s the kicker – Chamberlain’s family has been causing all sorts of trouble for JBo’s mother, Shanna Lowery. The alleged murderer’s wife, Jayna Rae Oxendine, who is a substitute teacher for Robeson County Schools, stooped to a new low by hurling derogatory remarks at Ms. Shanna and her family on social media. Can you imagine? It happened the day after a court hearing, where tensions were already running high because her man is not coming home.

Jayna’s disrespectful behavior towards Ms. Shanna and her family, including her children and niece who were there to support her at the hearing, was simply uncalled for. As Ms. Shanna and her family were leaving the courtroom, she said Jayna clapped her hands and said, “Round of applause b*tch.”

“I heard her but I had my children and my niece, so I deliberately ignored them and told them to come on,” Shanna said.

Finally, Shanna, her children, and niece are out of the courthouse, but her niece is parked in a different location than she was. About halfway to her car, she heard another relative who was waiting outside repeatedly yelling, “They’re jumping your niece.”

“I have on heels and a dress and I’m trying to get over there to find out why they attacking my niece but I couldn’t make it over there because the baliff is outside pointing mace at me,” Shanna said.

Ms. Shanna said she explained to the bailiff that the people behind him were the issue because they were fighting. Another bailiff came out and told the other bailiff that Chamberlain’s family were the ones who started the problems.

However, as Ms. Shanna was walking back to her car, she mentioned said that she kept repeating “I am so tired, I am so tired” because every time she turns around, Chamberlain’s family is bothering her family.

But the hara*sment did not stop. The day after the hearing, Jayna went online and referred to Ms. Shanna, her children, and her niece as “monkeys.”

“I did not look at them monkeys yesterday and I say that…I say that very sincere because that’s what they act like, wild animals,” Jayna said in her now-deleted Facebook live.


When asked how she felt about what Jayna said, Ms. Shanna expressed that she felt the comment was disgusting. She believes it was made because she is black and now wonders if her son was killed by Jayna’s husband because he was a black man.

In a 911 call obtained by The North Carolina Beat, Jayna lied to 911 dispatchers, claiming that she didn’t know what happened when she watched her husband shoot and kill Tazarie. She also claimed that she didn’t know who Tazarie was, although social media posts showed that she knew who Tazarie was since 2021.

During Thursday’s hearing, Chamberlain’s unscrupulous attorney asked the court to dismiss the murder charges against him due to not being granted a speedy trial. However, the motion was swiftly denied. Additionally, his request for a bond reduction was also rejected after Chamberlain stated that he could not afford to post his $1 million bail.

He remains in Robeson County Jail on a $1 million secured bond.

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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