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Mother wants justice for 20-year-old Lumberton, North Carolina rapper Tazarie Butler known as “JBo”


The mother of a 20-year-old Lumberton, North Carolina rapper, “JBO,” whose real name is Tazarie Butler, say she wants the individual(s) who killed her son arrested, but the individuals may have ties with Lumberton Sheriff Burnis Wilkins, that may be shielding them from prosecution.

20-year-old Tazarie Butler

On Sunday morning, The North Carolina Beat spoke with Butler’s mother, Shanna Lowery, who told us that her son was at the peak of his career when he was tragically killed. During Tazarie’s junior year in high school, he tore his ACL playing football, and Shannah said that’s when Tazarie found his love for music. She said the Mayor of Lumberton also honored her son for his musical talent and advocacy for children.

Tazarie has collaborated with rapper ‘Lil Boosie’ and recording artist ‘Big 30’. On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, Shanna lost her star. Tazarie was killed at a home on Beam Road in the western part of Lumberton.

Tazarie and Lil Boosie

Around 9:08 p.m., deputies responded to the address on Beam Road. Upon arrival, deputies found 20-year-old Tazarie dead with a gunshot wounds. Shanna said her son was shot four or five times.

Shanna told The North Carolina Beat that three people were inside the home the night her son was killed. She said one of those men was Chamberlain Oxendine, someone her son trusted with his life. But Chamberlain switched up.

Chamberlain Oxendine

Chamberlain was someone my son trusted, Shanna said. Trusted him so much that he would trust him with our lives. He would have Chamberlain come check on us.

Shanna said Chamberlain would also do security for her son, when he would have shows. She said the relationship her son and Chamberlain was nothing but brotherhood. Shanna said her son would go to Chamberlain’s house five times out of the week.

This man has came and ate with us, Shanna said. This was somebody my son trusted.

Shanna said her son was over Chamberlain’s home on June 27, to hangout with him like he always does. Two of Chamberlain’s brother’s were also there, Joshton Locklear, and their little brother, Malachi. In March 2022, Joshton was charged with killing two people at a birthday party, 20-year-old Randi Hunt and 15-year-old Hezachi Oxendine.

He was arrested and allegedly Sheriff Burnis Wilkins signed a (Best Plea Bargain) to get him off the charges on house arrest, Shanna said.

Joshton Locklear

On the night of the murder, Shanna said Joshton fled before law enforcement arrived. She said Joshton was later arrested but was released the next day June 28. Shanna said she didn’t understand how someone accused of killing two people at a birthday party, flee the scene of another murder scene, get arrested, and released the next day.

The disposition of Joshton’s case has not been in local media other than reports of initial arrest in March 2022 for the alleged murders at a birthday party. According to Shanna, Chamberlain has been telling people that he killed Tazarie. She said Chamberlain claimed that Joshton and Tazarie got into a fight and he shot Tazarie.

I have concerns about this, Shanna said. If my son got into with your brother, then why you shoot him is my first question. Second, why would your brother leave the scene?

Shanna said one of Joshton’s victim’s mother from the birthday party told her that Sheriff Wilkins has ties to Joshton’s and his brothers’ mother, making it hard for Joshton to face the prosecution he deserves in that case.

Investigators have not made any arrests in Tazarie’s murder. Shanna told The North Carolina Beat that investigators told her Chamberlain said he was defending himself. Shanna said every time she talked with investigators, she’s always given them more information than they give her.

They keep telling me that the autopsy is not back yet but this man is on Facebook posting about he killed my son, Shanna said.

Shanna also disputed rumors that her son was killed over liking a Facebook photo, reported by struggling Youtuber a recent video covering her son’s murder.

Lumberton County Sheriff’s Office claims they are still investigating Tazarie’s murder.

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  1. Prayers & my deepest condolences, for Tazarie’s mom and family. This is sad and wicked…How is this man getting away with murder? Justice for Tazarie and the 2 other teens killed. There has to be some connections and I would write a letter/email to the Mayor and Governor, about an investigation.

  2. I’m so sad my little cousin had to go like this I met Tzarie when he was a student at LJHS his grandma Belle and my dad were siblings my dad was her baby brother

  3. I was told Burnis is behind the drug that all these ppl are overdoseing on was told that a few yrs back but since he bn so called sheriff Robeson County has went to hell it’s just sad all these lives that’s bn taken he fake if u ask me God don’t like ugly n he’s bn ugly how can so many killing n ODS go on with out justice shits crazy Robeson County has gone to hell since he became so called sheriff God forgive me if I’m wrong but I believe it every word that he all about money and Not Justice

  4. LUMBERTON COUNTY??? SHERIFF’S OFFICE? Yall neeed to get yall stories straight yall facts together too before yall post anybody fake a*s stories lmao

    • Hunni you know what they mean ain’t nothing
      Fake about my child being killed you find you another story to try to blemish now you so be blessed

      • Shanna – I’m so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. I loss my brother 21yrs ago and my mom said NO ONE other than a parent who has lost a child knows your pain. Sending love from Greensboro.

    • You are the fake one and I guarantee everyone responsible will be stopped! Burnie won’t do his job because he is corrupt but we will! You best move yourself out the way or you will go too!

  5. it’s crazy how joshton keeps getting out after he involved in an multiple of murders he got to giving the fed something cs it ain’t no way they just keep letting him or house arrest ts dumb like da party he shot up and killed to of my cousins and got out the next couple days for murder now if it was smb cs they would be in they for years b4 it’s even goes
    to trial and still get like 10-15 years and he killed 3 innocent people and he just walking like shit cool it’s outrages but pay back is a b***h wen you think you good omm

  6. Burnis Wilkins is corrupt to the choir! Call the FBI until you get them to come investigate Burnis Wikins and his crew!

    • Yes call the FBI or do something to stop this man or if you can’t do that y’all need to go hard to get this lil dude locked up…to Jbo mom …we praying for you and sending our condolences ..and may he r.i.p…and get JUSTICE…

  7. I hate u all down to the sheriff if he plays a role and your fukin siblings and karma is fukin real and u gonna see it real soon bet that

    • I am really hoping those who murdered Tazarie and the other two guys at that party get theirs soon! It is a shame and disgrace the two at the party that were murdered didn’t get justice!

  8. This Bastard had his story together before he came in …how he make a head line with with every one else why not this one it’s more to the story….Story would have stuck out like a year later 2 brothers convicted of murder charges out on bond ..he’s hiding something…neither made headlines but every one else kids does neither less to say how fast to say how fast they made bond so they wouldn’t get they a*s whooped in there ..he can get to the bottom of everything else but this this cause he plays a part smh


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