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Florida Psychology teacher fired after making students write their own obituaries ahead of active shooter drill


Word On The Curb…some crazy psycho teacher has been fired after officials say he made his students write their own obituaries ahead of an active shooter drill, and WE, THE PEOPLE, SAY…I know you f***g lying!

Hell nah, I am not!

Psychology teacher Jeffrey Keene,63, told a local news outlet in Orlando, Florida, that he wanted to include Dr. Phillips High School students writing their own obituary in the upcoming active shooter drill that would tie into a psychology lesson.

Stupid a*s hell to me…

Jeffrey Keene

If they died 24 hours from now, what would they do differently than they did yesterday? And that’s to get them rid of all the fluff and show them what’s important in the world, Keene said.

While I think Jeffrey’s idea is dumb, there could have been other drills he could have tied this bullshit into, but to jink students with an “active shooter” drill is just disgusting.

Keene said the students writing their obituary weren’t saying, ‘You’re going to die, and let’s stress you out.’

The school did not agree with Keene and fired him. Keene had been working as a teacher since 2008 but was hired by Dr. Phillips High School in January.

Before firing Keene, Orange County School District gave him two options: resigning or being terminated. Keenes said he argued to the district that he did nothing wrong and that if he did, to tell him.

They said they couldn’t tell me what I did, Keene said. I told them, ‘In that case, since I don’t know what I did wrong, you can go ahead and terminate me without cause.”

Orange County School District said the assignment by probationary employee Keene was ‘inappropriate.’

Keene said while he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong, he will appeal the termination.

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