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Video shows Burlington NC school teacher assaulting student in classroom, teacher claims student hit her first


A North Carolina teacher can be seen on video allegedly assaulting another student in her class at Broadview Middle School in Burlington, North Carolina, Wednesday.

The North Carolina Beat was sent the video Wednesday afternoon that shows a Broadview Middle School teacher, who has not been identified yet, grabbing a student and forcing her to the ground. After the teacher has the student on the ground, the video shows the teacher slamming the student against the floor repeatedly.

The students in the classroom can be heard yelling and telling the teacher to stop. The teacher then lets the student go as other staff members run into the classroom.

The teacher told the classroom that the student she had just finished allegedly assaulting doesn’t get to hit her, and neither do they, referring as if the student she tussled to the ground first attacked her.

“No, she don’t get to hit me, neither do any of you,” the teacher said. 

But according to the video, it doesn’t appear that the student laid a hand on the teacher. 

Chileeee and people talking about arming the school teachers with guns? Shiddddd.


Alamance-Burlington School system released a statement saying A BUNCH OF nothing but that the incident is under investigation.


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  1. I need to see the entire video!!!! I have substituted at that school and some of the kids are very up in your face rude… but I just hit the button on them like “little johnny is disrupting the class, come get him” Imust say though that the staff usually will come right away without question…so I am not sure why she did not hit the button….

  2. You who think that teacher was in the right don’t have all the facts. I am the grandfather of that student and my granddaughter never punched that teacher. Even so, that is a 13 year old girl. How would you feel if it was your little girl? That teacher should be in jail.

  3. And we wonder why those who are financially able send their children to a private school including excellent CHRISTIAN schools. AND we wonder why the test scores are so low! We taxpayers throw millions $$$ intompublic education with very little return on such a sorry investment.

  4. At some point, these kids are going to learn how to stop thinking everything is a joke! I don’t blame the teacher for putting her hands on that child! If it was my child and they were playing games on the teacher, I’d expect the same outcome!…STOP playing with grown folks, cause MOST of us don’t give a damn about rules!

    • This girl goes to my alternative school she did not hit her first the teacher shoved her and she got mad you don’t know the full story fr and + that it wasn’t a joke u wouldn’t want someone shoving u it’s ok if u don’t care about the rules rules rule the world no matter what don’t go by the rules end up in jail bet you would give a dam about that fr

  5. This video is the teacher trying to restrain the kid to ground after the kid punched her in the face. I dont think this is the best reaction to being punched by a student and she clearly had an emotional response, but she was by no means attacking this student. Video captured the reaction but not the inciting incident.


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