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42-year-old Kentucky man charged after picking 12-year-old boy up by neck and throwing him to the ground


42-year-old Sherman Edward Price, seen in a video allegedly picking up a 12-year-old boy by the neck, strangling him, throwing him to the ground, and punching him, has been charged.

Sherman Edward Price

The young boy’s father, Gregory Evans Sr., told The North Carolina Beat that on Wednesday, December 14, he received a phone call from the bus compound who said to him that they received a phone call from his son’s bus driver about a man following the bus.

“I received a phone call from the bus compound and they told me that my son’s bus was being followed by a man,” Evans Sr. said.

Evans Sr. said the man, identified as Sherman Price, also brandished a gun. He said the bus driver planned to take his son straight to his front door, but because of other family members on the bus, his son got off at his relative’s stop. Evans Sr. said when his son and other relatives got off the bus, they ran, but Sherman Price later found his son coming out of an alley.

“He caught my son coming out of an alley after they got off the bus running, and that’s when the assault on my son started,” Evans Sr. said.

Evans Sr. told The North Carolina Beat that his son said he was playing with his cousin on the bus, and Sherman Price’s daughter accidentally got hit in the face.

However, Evans Sr. said he did his own digging and found that his son had hit the little girl in the face.

“I reached out to the bus compound because I know they had cameras and I asked what happened and they told me that my son hit the girl,” Evans Sr. said.

Evans Sr. said admitted that his son was wrong. He said he got on to his son about what he did, but he just couldn’t come to be okay with Sherman Price assaulting his child. Evans Sr. said the bus also didn’t have any audio, and it couldn’t be determined what the girl said to his son.

“My son was in the wrong, but it didn’t cause for this situation,” Evans Sr. said. “I told my son that we don’t put our hands on girls and I reminded him that he has sisters.”

Evans Sr. said that Sherman Price could’ve found another way of handling this and could have found a way to contact him.

“That man could’ve figured out how to get a hold of me, and I would’ve taken care of the situation right in front of him if I had to,” Evans Sr. said.


Sherman Price was arrested Thursday, December 15, on the charges of Assault, Child Abuse, and Strangulation. 

He bonded out of jail on a $5,000 bond Saturday and was placed on home confinement with an ankle monitor until his next court date.

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  1. This is sickening, all of it down to the person watching and recording this assault on a child😡🤬😠 broke my heart lil man could do nothing this should have been handled differently, no excuse for all thay child abuse!!!!

  2. He could have tried to be a role model by talking to him about respecting women and why his behavior was wrong. It would have had a better impact on this boy’s life. Now this boy will have PTSD and disrespect.

  3. This hurts my heart! I don’t care what the child did. What could he have done that warrants, not one but two fully grown men to surround him in that manner?? One yank him up, while the other stand there like he’s just waiting to jump in, at any given moment; like come on! What in the hell is going on?? And folks wonder why other races don’t have any respect for us! Look how we treat our own; damn! Just makes me sad, honestly.

    • You are so right; it hurts my heart ♥️ too Wht they did to him an they big over grown self I hate when ppl treat kids like this I just hope he go to jail because for one why is you laughing on the video while you recording but you know Wht thank you because since you think it was so funny an hilarious your dad went to jail an he has a ankle bracelet on 😂😂 let’s laugh at how dumb you where an smart you where 😂 because if it wasn’t for you he wouldn’t have gone to jail an nobody would have known anything 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Thank you an another thing I don’t think he meant to hit her like tht it just was a simple mistake

      • When he threw him down I prayed that he was not hurt. Then went over and kick him allegedly. The other guy seem like he wanted a piece of the little boy. Is it possible this not the father first time abusing his son.

  4. He could have dealt with it by getting in touch with his parents! Why didn’t the person videoing stop it
    Another Quilla story only this boy is alive!


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