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Homosexual husband and wife upset after husband tries to sleep with his former pastor who rejected his advances


Word On The Curb… a couple from Atlanta, Georgia, is fuming after their failed attempt to seduce and expose their former pastor. The husband was turned down and offered deliverance, but instead of moving on, the couple launched a social media smear campaign against the pastor.

Jaleceya Tate, a wanna-be reformed lesbian, and her downlow husband Jimmy-Sharod Tate are known for stirring up trouble. They may seem devoted in church, but their actions speak otherwise.

Jaleceya Tate, and her husband, Jimmy-Sharod Tate
Jaleceya Tate, and her husband, Jimmy-Sharod Tate

Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr., the pastor of Hope For Tomorrow Deliverance Center, had enough of their lies and sent them a cease and desist letter.

Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.'s cease and desist letter to the Tates.
Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.’s cease and desist letter to the Tates.
Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.'s cease and desist letter to the Tates.
Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.’s cease and desist letter to the Tates.
Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.'s cease and desist letter to the Tates.
Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.’s cease and desist letter to the Tates.

The Tates had accused Bishop Calvin of embezzlement without any evidence, and their hate campaign on social media was filled with false allegations.

It seems this couple’s attempt to tarnish the pastor’s reputation has backfired, and their credibility is now in question.

Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.
Bishop Calvin McCoy Jr.

Bishop Calvin told The North Carolina Beat that the Tates have not been members of his church for seven years. He said he considered Jimmy as his son, and they would always go fishing.

According to Bishop Calvin, last year was the last time he had spoken to Jimmy, in an attempt to connect with whom he considered a ‘son.’ But then the couple came back expressing their desire to re-join the ministry.

In a leaked audio recording by the Tate’s, Bishop Calvin said things about members of his ministry but he expressed his regret and took ownership of his words, offering apologies to the individuals he mentioned. However, he vehemently objected to the false accusations made by the Tate’s, alleging that he had misappropriated funds from his church.

“We were picking up where we left off, but I take full responsibility for what I said about certain members,” Bishop McCoy said.

“But to accuse me of embezzling money is a lie.”I am a giver, having donated $150,000 to my church last year, in addition to owning businesses. my business tithes to my church, so accusing me of embezzling money and stealing is a lie.”

Jaleceya Tate, and her husband, Jimmy-Sharod Tate
Jaleceya Tate, and her husband, Jimmy-Sharod Tate

Bishop Calvin shared that the couple had expressed their desire to return to the ministry and make a substantial donation to both Bishop Calvin and Apostle Travis Jennings of The Harvest Tabernacle, who were also present. However, unbeknownst to those in attendance, the Jimmy had secretly recorded the three-hour meeting.

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In the discussion, Bishop Calvin mentioned that Jimmy was inquiring about the well-being of several individuals and seeking reassurance that his family would be safe if they decided to rejoin the church, given past events before their departure, among of other things.

“In my mind, this is a son coming home, so I was blind and I didn’t think he wanted to meet us to record us for whatever reason because he has never done this,” Bishop McCoy said. “He has never been who he is now.”

Bishop Calvin shared that when Jimmy reached out, he expressed a desire to support him and his leader, Apostle Travis Jennings. They were in the midst of fundraising, and Jimmy and his wife wanted to contribute to everyone associated with Bishop Calvin but the couple had different in mind.

“I called everyone they wanted to contribute to, and we had a meeting in the church, and they trusted me,” Bishop McCoy said, his voice trembling as if he was tearing. “They came because of me, and this happened to them. They do not deserve to have their photos posted with false information.”

Before the scheduled meeting on later Tuesday night, earlier Tuesday afternoon, Bishop Calvin said Jimmy had urgently called him while he was in his office, asking if he was alone. After confirming that he was indeed by himself, Jimmy insisted that the matter was serious.

“He said what he had to tell me was really something and I kept asking him, ‘Sharod, what is it?'” Bishop McCoy Jr. said.

According to Bishop Calvin, Jimmy disclosed that his wife, Jaleceya, was still involved in a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend. When Bishop asked Jimmy how he felt about this, Jimmy nonchalantly replied that he was getting used to it.

“He told me that Jaleceya had told him the other day that he could go get him somebody and I told him to not do that,” Bishop McCoy Jr. said. “I reminded him what it costed him before when he did this.”

Despite Bishop’s advice against infidelity, Jimmy expressed a desire to “do something different,” prompting Bishop to inquire further. 

“I asked him, ‘Sharod, same-sex different’? and he was like ‘yeah’,” Bishop McCoy said. “I said, ‘Sharod, don’t do that’. “Please don’t open that door.'”

Jimmy reiterated his desire for something different, leading Bishop to caution him about the potential dangers of straying from his marriage due to loneliness.

“As long as I have known Sharod, I have never known him to participate in any kind of gay activity,” Bishop McCoy Jr. said. “My guard is up now. My struggle was with homosexuality, and everybody knows about that struggle and how God delivered me. But I told him not to open that door because I’ve been there and it’s not good.”

Bishop Calvin shared his own experiences to dissuade Jimmy from pursuing a different path, emphasizing the potential consequences.

“He kept saying ‘I trust you,’ and at first I didn’t understand, but when he first said it, I told him that I was glad he came to me because someone else might have had the wrong intentions and motives,” said Bishop McCoy Jr.

After assuring Jimmy of his trust for the third time, Bishop Calvin was taken aback when Jimmy expressed an interest in exploring a different kind of relationship with him.

“I said, ‘Sharod, that will never, ever happen between us,'” Bishop McCoy Jr. said. “I told him that we could be anything except for having a sexual relationship. “It could never happen because I see him as a son.”

In response, Bishop Calvin made it clear to Jimmy that while he was willing to be a supportive friend, he would not engage in any inappropriate behavior.

“I told him to not open that door and then he changed the subject and asked if everyone was going to be at the meeting later that night and I told him ‘yes’,” Bishop McCoy said.

Photo of all men who was in the meeting.
Photo of all men who was in the meeting.

Following the scheduled Tuesday evening gathering, the Tates unleashed a barrage of malicious and false accusations mentioned above against Bishop Calvin, which they have since removed from their posts.

The North Carolina Beat attempted to contact the disgruntled couple for their side of the story, but they did not respond to our inquiries before this article was published.


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