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Family wants answers about Tallahassee Florida woman murdered on sprinter van after leaving JackBoy concert


Some family members of a 31-year-old woman shot in the back of her head after leaving a Jackboy concert wants answers about what really happened and some family members who are still hanging out with some of the women that was with the 31-year-old when she was killed don’t want the truth out.

Princess Aura Tolliver was killed on a Sprinter van in the early morning of January 16, 2023. Her family tells The North Carolina Beat that she and her best friend was in Sanford, Florida, for an MLK Weekend concert with the rapper Jackboy at a club called “The Barn.” The family believes someone inside the sprinter van has something to do with Princess Aura’s death; however, the authorities have cleared everyone inside the van.

Princess Aura Tolliver

According to Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, they received a call around 2:30 a.m. on January 16 about a shooting. When deputies arrived, a preliminary investigation made them believe a shootout had ensued between two vehicles. The next day, Jan.17, the sprinter van was included as being involved in the shooting.

Deputies said the shooting also injured five people on the sprinter van.

Investigators have been tightlipped about details surrounding the shooting but did say they were investigating whether it was connected to the Sunday night Jackboy concert at The Barn, citing that the shooting was not random.

The family tells The North Carolina Beat that they believe Princess Aura’s best friend, Serena Williams, knows what happened to Princess Aura but will not say anything. The family says she and others on the sprinter van returned to Tallahassee, where Princess Aura lived, and lied about what happened.

Serena Williams

Things became strange to the family when they started digging themselves and noticed that some things Princess Aura was posting on her social media stories while in Sanford would have never been posted by her, which is why the family says they also believed something strange was happening where Princess Aura was.

“Her last story was strange,” a family member who wishes to remain anonymous for safety said. “She went around the sprinter van and seemed to try and capture the faces of different dudes. She has NEVER done that. Something was clearly wrong because she would never put another man on her story if they weren’t family.”

The family member said the video story was the last before she was murdered.

“She was the only one killed,” the anonymous family member said.

The family member said that the sprinter van that Princess Aura and the others were on belonged to a Club Promoter in Orlando named “Big C,” who usually let artists in the area use it. We previously reported that JackBoy was using the sprinter van, but after speaking with members of his camp, it’s unclear if JackBoy was using Big C’s services while in town.

According to the family, the first story they were told about the shooting was that Princess Aura was on “one of JackBoy’s sprinter vans, and all the girls and none of the guys got shot.”

Jackboy then made a post on his story saying he did not have anything to do with anything, he left the club by himself, and he was not in a sprinter van, the anonymous family member said.

The family said they were confused about how all the girls in the sprinter van got shot but not any of the guys. One of the girls in the sprinter van, named Jas, allegedly told the family that Princess Aura was shot while inside her car, but it was impossible because Princess Aura was in the sprinter van when she was shot, and a video obtained by The North Carolina Beat shows it.

The family told The North Carolina Beat that detectives told them that the sprinter van drove straight to the hospital, but that also confused the family because, according to Fox 35 Orlando, a witness they spoke with said she saw an officer put a white sheet on the ground. However, a video obtained by The North Carolina Beat shows Princess Aura in the van slumped over, dead. The family continues to question authorities about the inconsistencies of the stories and why someone has not been arrested yet.

A video we obtained shows Princess Aura twerking and dead in another video.

In the video, you will also here Princess Aura say “yo mama” to someone before the video cuts off.

Video Of Princess Aura Twerking BELOW:

Video of Princess Aura Dead BELOW:

Again, the family wants to know how the sprinter van drove to the hospital after the shooting, but an eyewitness says they saw an officer put a white sheet on the ground. Why is everyone so calm? Where is Princess Aura’s Bestfriend, Serena, who’s been friends with Princess Aura since they was 5-years-old in the video? Nowhere to be seen! These are the questions the family continues to have.

The family says they believe someone in the van killed Princess Aura, and they were riding around with her dead body.

No arrests have been made, and police have cleared everyone in the sprinter van.

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  1. This whole video is disturbing the fact that their on live displaying what’s going on. The fact that everyone is calm while she’s laying there obviously lifeless bleeding and someone has the fkn leg popped up like everything is ok from the Shanquella story I would’ve learned there’s no such thing as friends may both of their souls RIP

  2. The story is almost 100% false. Not only is the article full of victim shaming as all parties NAMED in this article were also shot, some TWICE, you are also lying on other victims & including their names in an article when this is still an OPEN investigation putting them in danger. SHAME ON YOU. If you’re going to tell a story, tell the truth. Getting false information from an “anonymous” source. If the information didn’t come from the detectives working the case, the hospital who offered services to the victims or a person who was on the van, then it’s not credible. Nobody who loved Princess would release a video of her in this state. I am truly saddened by how sick some people are. Anyone who has been a victim of gun violence or a loved one of a victim of gun violence understands the level of trauma associated with experiencing an event of this magnitude. There were 5 other victims who are trying to heal both physically & mentally and none of those victims were recording. Shame on you! & shame on for calling yourself a “credible” news source when all of this is fake news !

    • Well it sho the f** don’t seem like it was 5 other victims in the calm car they was riding around in with this lady slumped over he the hell for real

    • How could you possibly go out to party a few days after you saw your best friend get killed? What kind of person does that make you let alone what kind of friend? Is this who we are as a culture now?Do we no longer have any values, honor, integrity, loyalty, faithfulness or love? Do you want to go from this earth with the knowledge that you accomplished nothing of value, you were just a waste of time, space and air. Accomplish something other than bills and pain.

  3. I’m sorry but I find it odd that in that last video you see that someone is clearly recording this. Why the hell would you record at a time like that? People need help! Again in the final video you will notice a couple of people holding their cell phones literally in their hand. One person is texting 💬 to the far right…but there’s another person holding a iPhone…right there in there hand and intentional putting the unused iPhone in the shot. JUST HOLDING the iPhone in their hands. Nobody is calling 911???? But you can hear the woman saying “No seriously we need to get some help.” Well why the hell nobody dialed 911 that’s the question

    • I agree, no one is crying out for help, no screams, no one appears to be frighten for their lives. No bullet casing on the floor. For this to be a group of friends, no one check on her, no one felt her pulse, no one applied pressure to her wound. No one called 911. One person seem to be on a Face time call. I counted 12 individuals on this van, you can see the blood from head running in the seat. No one helped her nor attempted to save her. What a painful demise. To many people on the van and no one seen anything, this is unbelievable. So the friend said she got shot but days after she’s in the club having a good time. Your best friend was just murder and you have moved on fast. Everyone grieve different, but your Serena was in the club not even 3 days after the funeral service, “raising the roof” her arm didn’t appear to be shot. All on IG live. Come on man, this just doesn’t add up. Wake up investigators

    • I believe they know on the sprinter van what happened but no one’s talking to cover up the crime, I believe it was a accidental shooting on board of the sprinter van and princess got struck in the head, they realized it afterwards and now is protecting each other cause of the consequences they all have to face with the police 🚔


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