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Nicki Minaj threatens to sue Kyle Anfernee from The Neighborhood Talk over Megan Thee Stallion BEEF


Rumor has it that Onika Tanya Miraj is struggling to let go of the drama surrounding Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Hiss,” which took a dig at her and her husband, Kenneth Petty. Nicki Minaj’s diss track “Big Foot” aimed at Megan didn’t quite hit the mark and now she’s facing backlash for her words about Megan’s deceased mom.

(Left) Megan Thee Stallion (Right) Nicki Minaj
(Left) Megan Thee Stallion (Right) Nicki Minaj

Nicki is now threatening legal action against Kyle Anfernee over at The Neighborhood Talk for reposting a story originally published by TMZ. On January 31, 2024, TMZ reported that police had to increase security at the gravesite of Megan Thee Stallion’s mother due to Nicki Minaj fans posting its location and threatening to desecrate it.

Kyle Anfernee, owner of The Neighborhood Talk.
Kyle Anfernee, owner of The Neighborhood Talk.

During a recent Joe Budden space, Nicki expressed her displeasure at being associated with such behavior, but she never publicly addressed her fans’ actions. Now, she’s pointing the blame at Kyle instead of the original source of the story.

It’s unfortunate that Nicki is considering legal action against a blogger for exercising his constitutional right to repost an article, rather than holding accountable the doctor who prescribed her the percocets she admitted to becoming addicted to in an interview with Vogue.

The Neighborhood Talk did not claim that Nicki Minaj encouraged her followers or accused her of being responsible for leaking the address and threatening to desecrate Holly Thomas’s grave, the mother of Megan Thee Stallion.

TMZ story reposted by The Neighborhood Talk.
TMZ story reposted by The Neighborhood Talk.

As mentioned before, during a recent episode of the Joe Budden podcast, Nicki Minaj became upset with R&B artist Emanny, who simply wanted Nicki to clarify that she did not incite her fans to threaten to desecrate Megan’s mother’s grave. Nicki alleged that the artist was spreading a “fake” story that was to gain sympathy for Megan.

“No, no that’s not what I was saying, I was saying can you make it clear that you not inciting no type of sh*t because it is part of the sympathy play,” Emanny explained to the confused rapper.



It’s no shocker that Nicki Minaj is targeting The Neighborhood Talk – these two have a had issues in the past but it wasn’t because of Kyle. And if you don’t want bloggers and blogs talking about you, then stay off the internet saying and doing ish.


  1. Nick needs to chill out she is not going to sue Kyle because she does not have a case he did what bloggers do and reposted the story which is not illegal. But you see she isnt trying to sue TMZ which is the source Kyle cited for his info.

    Now Nicki knows from past experience that her zombies are quick to jump on her beef wagon and do whatever to whomever including going to jail so she was well aware that her bringing up Megan’s deceased mother would stir the pot for the zombies.


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