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High School basketball player and his brother arrested for assaulting basketball coach


Jevin Allen, 17, and his brother Jarrick Allen, 22 arrested for assaulting coach in Texas

A Texas high school basketball player was not happy with his football coach when he attacked him in the parking lot because he had been benched for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game that night.

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According to the police, Jevin Allen, 17, and his brother Jarrick Allen, 22, who were both reportedly involved in the attack, were arrested on December 5 for assaulting Jevin’s coach. The coach sustained head injuries, as well as injuries to the neck, face, and arms.

Jarrick Allen and his brother, Jevin Allen
Jarrick Allen and his brother, Jevin Allen

Officials have refused to release the identity of the coach, who had reportedly benched Jevin during an away game. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office stated that the coach informed them that the player was benched “due to his behavior toward an opposing team player”.

Assault happened in parking lot of Willis High School in Conroe, Texas

Willis High School in Conroe, Texas
Willis High School

Once back at Willis High School in Conroe, Texas, around 9:52 p.m., Jevin and his family were waiting for the coach in the parking lot, according to authorities. The player’s relatives confronted the coach, which escalated to Jevin allegedly punching him in the face.

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Police said that after Jevin punched the coach, his brother Jarrick jumped in and the two started assaulting the coach together before bystanders stepped in.

After the alleged assault, the police said the brothers fled.

After reviewing surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses, deputies located and apprehended the brothers, who were charged with assaulting a public servant.

They were released from Montgomery County Jail after posting a $23,000 bond each.



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