Woman shoot and kill woman in South Carolina Kroger Parking Lot after being SPIT on

Rumor has it in South Carolina that a woman is behind bars after she allegedly shot another woman in the head after the woman allegedly spit on her in a Kroger parking lot in Irmo, South Carolina.

The authorities are not reporting that the victim killed, 26-year-old Alexandria Cress Borys spit on 23-year-old Christina Harrison. However, they are alleging an “argument” took place.

Christina Harrison

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2023, Irmo police said they responded to the Irmo Kroger parking lot, where they found Boris lying on the ground.

Alexandria Cress Borys

Police say Harrison fled the scene in a white Ford truck but turned herself into the Irmo Police Department around 5:30 p.m.

Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale released a statement: Unfortunately, this is a situation where tempers flared, and someone let anger get the best of them. One rash decision has impacted the lives of two families and countless others who witnessed this tragic event.

Borys husband is speaking out, saying that his wife was shopping at Kroger with her sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.

Tyler said he understood that the argument between his wife and Harrison concluded or his wife was walking away and his wife was shot while her back was turned.

From what I have pieced together, they had either concluded the argument or Alex was walking away. It’s indicating she was shot with her back turned, said Tyler on Thursday.

Borys has hired a private attorney.

She is in the Lexington County Detention Center on charges of murder, unlawful carrying of a pistol, and possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

Alexandria’s husband has created a GoFundMe and has since raised more than nearly $11,000.

You cannot determine your fate if you spit on somebody and do not know if a person has sexually transmitted diseases or what.

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  3. She spat on girls CAR for almost hitting her kids. Sooo if you’re a mother and saying you wouldn’t have spit, said, or done something to someone who almost hit your children with that car then you’re a liar

  4. Sanger had the right idea. Exterminate the weeds.

    While there’s trash in every race this particular group takes the cake and runs off with it. For being such a “minority “ they cause the most chaos, drama, crime etc.

  5. Well if she would have been taught to keep her spit in her mouth, she would still be here today. Spitting is not only disgusting, but is also the ultimate sign of disrespect!!! I probably wouldn’t have killed someone for spitting on me (unless they give me diseased vibes or has other beings involved in the situation), but I would definitely pick something up and hit ‘em in their mouth 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Bottom line is don’t run your mouth , spit on someone , use racial slurs then when something happens to you play the victim ‼️ WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS IF I SEE A RASICM I WILL LAY HANDS ON YOU AND IM WHITE AS COTTON BUT I DON’T PLAY THAT SHI*

  7. And then you people want to know why white people don’t want to live around black people. Look at these comments, you animals think it’s okay to murder someone for spitting on a car. We are not the same.

    • That comment right there is reason this stuff still occurs. Rednecks like u that call names. It was bad decision but it happens everyday but since u wanna make it racial what about they hundreds of years whites got away with killing blacks speak on that

        • I’ll speak on it it’s not relevant today!! Not one slave or slave owner is alive today!! Do you think the germans today owe the jewsish people something today? No that is over find a different crutch and excuse! Many new immigrants have no connection to over 100 years ago! If you want to move forward then you better move forward with your decision making or continue to be left behind because everyone is trying to make a life for themselves get out of yesterday fantasy pity land..

      • Again not relevant today not one person alive from the days you speak of…the best thing you can ever realize is no one is ever going to feel responsible for something they weren’t alive for and weren’t a part of period! You need to really get that down in your brain..

    • whites murder black people for way less thank for feeling like a black person for once not saying that was a right action no one should be dead that’s horrible. it just crazy when some like happen it so wrong but if the table was turn nothing would be said . I just want peace 2023 .

    • You are disgusting for a comment like this! You are what’s wrong in this world and I am half white and I agree this was not right on the ladies part for shooting the lady but It could of been you and another white person.

      • This clearly states that these are not facts but allegations. The person who wrote this article and the people speaking on the situation were NOT there to see if she spit in her car , on her , or if there was any spit at all . These things allegedly happened…. the people are making assumptions based on evidence that has be presented. The only people who know exactly what happened are the two people who were involved and unfortunately she is unable to tell her side because of the situation and it horrific . All anyone has to trust is what they think and what the other female is saying . That doesn’t make anyone an animal and it’s nobody’s place to say that ALL African Americans are dangerous or that ALL Caucasians don’t want to live around them because that’s clearly not true. ALL PEOPLE ARE CRAZY !!! Murders and Rapist.. Criminals period don’t come in a race or a color. They are people who made the wrong choice and have to deal with the consequences. Everybody makes mistakes and people make the wrong decisions all the time. That doesn’t mean you hold that persons mistake on the race that they are.

    • Maybe y’all should learn to not spit on ppl cause y’all have a habit of doin that nasty ass shot then wanna cry when 1. U get ur ass beat, 2. You get shot at or 3. Y’all asses get shot then wanna cry and play victim.

      • The victim mentality of believing you are owed something for stuff that went on over a 100 years ago that no one is alive for is why you’re still stuck today. Quit holding onto this like it’s a lotto ticket that if only one other number would have come in that you would have gotten paid. Absolutely no one feels responsible or should they for whatever went on over 100 years ago. Keeping that alive is a losers mentality being carried on doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

    • That white lady got what she deserved. Once again coming from a white woman. You don’t spit on nobody idgaf that’s the highest form of disrespect. That white lady could of had aids and she wants to spit 😷 oh no I would of shot her too

  8. This must be a thing now, again! Where Whyt people are spitting in Black Women’s faces. I was spat in the face by an unknown whyt man, for no reason other than I was a lone Black Woman! And when I defended myself I became the aggressor. The humiliation of being spit on is atrocious, disgusting and down right dirty to do to someone, especially a Black Woman. Not sorry, she shouldn’t have spit on that Woman! She’d alive today! Me, I beat his ass with a broom stick till he was a bloody pulp! 💯💪🏿

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