Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Student pushes teacher in face over cell phone


Here we go’s not much information on this incident, but yet another teacher was a*saulted by a student over a cell phone.’

These cell phones are causing many issues in these cla*srooms. As The North Carolina Beat have stated before, teachers should stop taking students’ personal property and send their disobedient a*ses to the principal’s office. That saves you an a*s-whooping and the student’s future education.

In this clip, a student could be seen throwing papers off his teacher’s desk before telling the teacher he had one more time to ask him to give back the cell phone.

A few seconds later, the student can be seen pushing the teacher in the face, which causes the teacher to give the student back his cell phone.


This teacher did not physically react to the student’s actions as we have seen in recent headlines.

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Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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