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[WATCH]: Soulja Boy mad after J. Cole said he hated his music in the past


Welp, it seems like Soulja Boy took offense to J. Cole’s recent podcast comments where he mentioned that he initially didn’t like Soulja Boy’s music.

Word On The Curb…Soulja Boy sent a direct warning to J. Cole, a native of North Carolina, telling him not to mention his name again.

In a recent episode of Lil Yachty’s “A Safe Space Podcast,” J. Cole mentioned, “When Soulja Boy was first coming out,my favorite rappers were 2Pac, Nas, JAY-Z, Andre 3000, you know, people with the highest skill level. So when I heard ‘Soulja Boy Tell Em,’ it sounds crazy because it’s a classic to me now, but I was resistant to it at first.”

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Cole went on to say, “I had to have the realization that I am a hater. Like, bro, you are a hater.”  “You would be better off realizing that you would be better off trying to learn from then. After that, I turned from a hater to an appreciator, making me a better artist.”


After the video went viral, Soulja Boy lashed out at J.Cole, even though it appeared that J. Cole was giving him a compliment and showing respect to the rapper from the early 2000s.

Aye bruh don’t speak on me, I’m not Lil Pump, Drake, or none of these rapper ni**as. On God.” “Ni**as always hated on me nothing new. Him and Big Sean was on some hating s**t. But f**k them, I’m still lit.

Soulja Boy also went live on Instagram, going all out on J. Cole.


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