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Video shows Street Justice met three members of the Cabo 6 in Greensboro NC


Chileeeeeeeeeee say it ain’t so and it dame sure is.

Wordddddddd on the Curb…..three fools who thought it was safe for them to walk the streets of Carolina after what they did to the world’s best friend, Shanquella Robinson, was spotted out at Electric Tequilla in Greensboro, North Carolina, Wednesday night and got hands put on them.

We knew it wouldn’t be long before Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, and Daejhanae Jackson got scratched up, and from what the streets say, “it’s just the beginning.”

At first The North Carolina Beat struggled with this video as far as releasing it but after we watched and watched and watched and watched, we were able to make out at least two members of the Cabo 6 in the video getting whooped not only that but people who were there and witnessed it told The North Carolina Beat that Hyatt, Donovan, and Jackson were the one’s in the video getting beat down from amazing grace to a floating opportunity.


In a still shot, you will see DaeJhanae Jackson in a blue shirt, ripped blue jean shorts, or whatever that bullshit she got on.

DaeJhanae Jackson

We initially reported that the lady in this white outfit with leaves on it was Wenter Donovan, and it is not. The person is Joya Alise, the friend of DaeJhanae, Wenter, and Alysse.


Here’s a photo of her after a graduation ceremony Wednesday.

We have been unable to identify Wenter in the video but eyewitnesses say she was there.

We know Alysse Hyatt and Daejhanae Jackson were there and got beat up.

According to a source involved in the fight, she and her friends were inside Electric Tequilla Wednesday night when a woman they recognized as DaeJhanae Jackson asked if one of her friends was recording her. The woman said she told Hyatt, “No.” After Hyatt walked away, the woman said her friend asked her who was that, and she told her it was “the girls who did that shit to Shanquella.

The woman said after the bar closed, the members of the Cabo 6 kept saying shit, so she and others went to their asses.


On October 29, 2022, Shanquella Robinson was brutally murdered after a video of DaeJhanae Jackson brutally assaulting Robinson.DaeJhanae Jackson, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, Malik Dyer, Khalil Cooke, and Nazeer Wiggins returned to North Carolina, saying Robinson had died from alcohol poisoning. However, an autopsy by the Mexican authorities later revealed that Robinson had been beaten to death.

The autopsy said Robinson had a severed spinal cord and a broken neck. However, the United States also conducted an autopsy on Robinson and claimed they could not determine her cause of death.

On April 12, 2023, the FBI in Charlotte concluded that no charges would be filed in Robinson’s death because the United States could not determine a cause of death.

A Rally For Shanquella will be held on next Friday, May 19th, 2023 in Washington DC at 633 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (Outside Courtyard)

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  1. Can’t even see anything. Ninety percent of the camera time was focused on the ground. Can’t see faces, can’t see if it was even them. F-

  2. Every day I thank the universe that I must not live in America but in a civilized country. Jesus Christ, reading this comments lowered my standards of the USA. Racism, Violence and McDonalds, this is how the world sees your faked Liberty Country. In Europe we have a joke about the US:
    What’s the difference between yoghurt and the states? Yoghurt can grow a culture.
    And that’s the truth.

  3. I hope them hoes ain’t safe ANYWHERE! The fact that they lied to her mother regarding her cause of death, and laughed at her after she passed is f*ckin’ sick to me. These b*tches are mentally disturbed and they need to get beat up every time they go out!! I wish I could beat the sh*t out of that b*tch Wynter, IDK why but that b*tch rubs me the wrong f*ckin’ way, out of all of them. Her and her friend that was caught hitting Shanquella on video should get their heads smashed into the f*ckin’ pavement floor!!!


  5. Only one really got beat up was white jumpsuit I needed them to beat tf out the Cabo girls they didn’t roll how they said. Hopefully some real fighters who pop catch them and draw blood from them hoes

  6. These broads shouldve been sippin their food thru a straw or wearing a helmet from their head hitting the concrete so many times. That a*s whoopin wasn’t good enough….

  7. Another thing green eyed Irish girl you act as if black people are the only ones that steal, rob and do drugs. White people steal too. It’s called embezzlement. The do drugs too. White people act stupid too. The police just ignore yall shit. So go sit your stupid a*s down.

  8. Green eyed Irish girl, first of all B you know nothing about being black or how we live. Your privileged a*s sitting behind this fake a*s name criticizing people you know nothing about. If you had to endure half of what black people endure you would have been killed yourself. So with that being said, educate yourself before opening that big a*s mouth of yours before someone close it for you.

  9. all these subhumans acting like this is some kind of justice.
    this is no different than what happens anywhere there is a group of Ghetto Gremlins together at any point and time.
    they’re nothing but DRAMA and TROUBLE.
    outside every club they go too every weekend there is trouble, fighting, shooting, robbing.
    the race card is the only card they know how to play. they create trouble then when things don’t pan out the way they want it too in the end they want to blame white people or the system.
    these subhumans want to have equality and be treated as equals among whites but they can’t even live amongst themselves in peace.
    they so focused on police officers killing them but not at all concerned about the fact that they are killing their own kind on a regular basis.
    another thing is that they used George as a reason to riot and loot stores so they could steal. Something they’re known for doing. Stealing and robbing.
    They raised hell when a convicted felon that robbed a pregnant woman at gun point got killed by a white cop, but when a truly innocent black guy gets jerked out of his car and beat to death by five black cops you could hear crickets .
    No riots or looting over that.
    I mean after all the cops were black and the victim was black.
    No big deal right?
    These ignorants actually do this country a favor by keeping their own population down with constantly killing one another.
    You take a nice neighborhood and let just one move in it and within a year it will be a filthy run down crime and drug infested Ghetto but they try to blame the system and say they’re forced to live that way.

    • The only reason you felt the need to reply was for a response from someone and the response you wanted was one of negativity. Now what every person needs to do is ignore this person and the comments of the “green eyed” girl.

      • It’s funny how she talks about keeping our population dwn wen these dusty white bitches having all these half blk babies. Since yall brought yall thieving a*s over here yall been on black d**k. Wen masters wife fucked a mandingo & the masters lil white d**k didn’t fit anymore they had him killed. White folks have killed more black people than any other race. So lil green eyed b***h sit yo flat a*s dwn & go suck a pink d**k.

        • Well said girl cause that b***h done pissed me off I hope every body who read that stupid shit eat her a*s up a b***h

        • I’m half black and white not all of us think the same way she is on some dumb stuff in all reality wrong is wrong she didn’t bring up how crazy white people is going into the schools and killing innocent people and children shit even their own kind so she need to speak the whole truth at the end of the day that young lady lost her life to people that she considered her friends and that didn’t have a color on it cause the one girl was Spanish big let me guess that’s just like being black

          Justice for Shanquella and to bringing the Cabo6 down and putting them where they need to be

      • Green Eye Irish you are completely wrong and all races have some obstacles inside there communities, all races, steal, Rob, do drugs, fight it’s just you all aren’t recorded and other communities are and you all are privileged to have that lifestyle because it will always go in your community favor but all Races have the same crisis even with bars and either entertainment and what does them getting whooped have anything to do with race or communities Shaquella Robinson was un alive by these Carbo 6 demons and they deserve everything that comes there way and my eyes it was enough they needed they asses whooped more

    • You are a coward a*s b***h subhuman you say you b***h you mother fuckers are the violent ones killers, rapist, liars, thief’s, and every other evil a*s word I can think of. I tell you what give us all the money that your for fathers made off of our for fathers back you b***h then maybe we will be all calm and quiet. We f*****g angry because of you mother fuckers but one thing you right about we should take that shit out on you mother fuckers burn some publix and Whole Foods down f**k y’all shit up you definitely right about that b***h.

      • And you forgot to say they will kill they whole dam family for money, drugs and even not liking the partners crazy azz people

      • yes baby……..u said a whole word

        I bet not one white person can name five black men that has lilled their whole families!!!!!!!! I’ll wait???????

    • I want to put this into perspective about a few points:

      Mob & Vigilante Justice isn’t new and isn’t racially exclusive. Here are a few examples of White Americans doing worse.

      1. Roy Bryant and JW Milam murdered a 14 year old Emmit Till for allegedly whistling at a white woman
      2. Omaha Riots- a gang of whites around 10,000, stormed a court house to murder Willie Brown who allegedly raped a white woman. They overpowered the police after a shootout and the Mayor. The Army had to be called in.
      3. Tulsa Massacre
      4. Rosewood Massacre
      5. Rodney King beating
      6. Howard Beach beatings
      7. Bernard Goetz
      8. Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan – chased down and murdered Ahmaud Arbery
      9. Antifa, mostly white group….. destructive and violent. Responsible for the majority of the damage during the riots. Also, attached 2 Marines
      10. January 6 – 1.6 Million dollars of damage, a police officer beaten and a woman trampled to death.

      As an Irish Girl, you should be familiar with how Irish immigrants were first treated in America and the legacy of gore that the Irish themselves had.. They were mistreated by the WASPs and got into a blood battle. There is even a movie about some of the events called “Gangs of New York”.

      Here’s what Republican President Teddy Roosevelt said about the Irish:

      “There are some twenty five Irish Democrats in the house…. They are a stupid, sodden and vicious lot, most of them being equally deficient in brains and virtue. Three or four however…seem to be pretty good men, and among the best members of the house are two Republican farmers named O’neil and Sheehy, the grandsons of Irish immigrants. But the average catholic Irishman of first-generation as represented in this Assembly, is a low, venal, corrupt and unintelligent brute.”

      It’s a shame when people turn into what they once fought against. How the Irish were treated and spoken about was ignorant and unjust. How African Americans are treated and spoken about is equally ignorant and unjust. Do not hold to the sentiments of those who once sought to exterminate your people toward others.

    • 😂😂 your pathetic ASF! So the whole black race is bad is what you’re tryna tell people ? I’m mixed and got 100% black blood relatives and they’re NOT all ghetto. If anything I’ve seen a lot more crusty mentally disturbed fucked up white people out here being weird a*s pedos and thinking they’re entitled to everythin. Y’all mthfckers can go back to where you came from before you stole land from US native Americans you filthy disgusting piece of shit go hate on your own ancestors before you pick on someone else’s ! 💯💯 talking about “your just destroying your own race” I’m POSITIVE there are millions of others wanting to whoop those girls a*s that AREnt black Hating a*s f*****g CRACKER ! Now what

  10. I’m so proud of the people in my home state right now!!! I’ve been following this case closely and something about doesn’t sound right. I think if they get enough a*s whoopins someone will step up and tell the whole story. Keep whooping their asses on sight!!! How you gonna kill someone and think you just gonna come outside and not catch some hands!!

  11. BRING that a*s to Winston !!! Gboro did okay taking a step forward, but they didn’t beat down the right people good enough ! Lemme catch one of those mfs out & about this way, it’s ON SIGHT, no tongue wrestling involved !

  12. This video is all over the place… You can’t see too much of nothing. They had one job and FAILED COMPLETELY..

  13. You cannot tell me that these women are not men. Did you see how that man was having a problem handling dejeuner that b**** is a man they are all men masquerading as women

  14. I don’t see how any of this evidence points to the cabo 6… Wynter is white or light skin Spanish. The woman in the white outfit doesn’t even resemble any of the cabo 6 or their body type. There’s only 1 skinny light skin girl in the fight that could possibly Wynter but she could be any light skin girl. No one in the video mentions justice, shanquella, karma, etc…

  15. To still be on some aggressive and not apologetic humble energy tho?!? Really??? They are just troubled PERIODT. I don’t condone violence but I definitely condone justice… Two more pops and a bop bop! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. That’s good for her, I just don’t want the other girls to get in trouble but they need to whoop her a*s every time they can!!! Without getting in trouble. Don’t unalive her jut whoop a*s!!!

  17. Boy… you gotta be a bold as b***h to wear the same outfit out to a club that you wore to Shanquella’s graduation. When you walked up to me and asked if I was recording you. I would’ve jump on the table and kicked you in the face. Bruce Lee style,

    • They need to get an a*s whooping on sight whenever they leave their homes until they get arrested. Cowardly skanks!

  18. Eventually a go fund me page will need to go up. The way America feels about these disgusting animals. Everybody that goes to jail for handing out a whopping, should be bailout IMMEDIATELY…

  19. One thing about it YOU ALWAYS MEET YO MATCH!!! I wonder if they sat around and talked about it… even quietly thought about it. Y’all thought y’all was tough. Naw y’all was sneaky back stabbing jealous hearted cold and calculated. But now you’ve been introduced to the real! I hope for the rest of y’all lives you get beat down… In every aspect of life so you have to think, I wonder if this happening because of? YEP…welcome to hell b****

  20. They didn’t beat them hoes bad enough… For as many of them there were, they was supposed to put them in ICU… what happened? No ICU ???
    unexceptional…DO IT OVER !!!

  21. It is sad what happened to Shanquella when I first saw what happen to her It was disgusting ,I was in rage with anger, sometimes the closer one will put a dagger in your back the same Judah did to Jesus Christ betray Him for 30 pieces of silver and that is why the Bible says don’t put your trust in know man = they will betray at any time = man, woman, boy, girl, chick , are child …. Justice for Shanquella Robinson……..say her name ……………💜💚💙…………. From the words wonder.

  22. Punk azz bitches need they azz whooped everytime they think they wanna go outside.. Shanquella can go out to have drinks Shanquella can’t enjoy life anymore and neither should these puck azz bitches.

  23. Yesssss ladies . I don’t condone violence but in this case . Every time they walk out their house . A*s whooping should be the only thing that’s lit in their lives .

  24. Sorry not sorry, but they deserve it on sight. I feel not an ounce of pity for the 6 that killed that young lady!

  25. When I tell you this is a prime example of who the Cabo people are… You got a murder on your name and think you’re going to bully the world? Your EGO and all those passes got you stuck on STUPID. I believe it’s something/someone in waiting for ya’ll and it’s not going to be cute. We asked the appropriate way so since we’re being denied it’s whatever now…

  26. That wasn’t good enough should’ve put they asses In the hospital or worse cause they took a innocent soul

    • So true. I actually hope & believe that this is “only a beginning” of several beatdowns if they
      DARE show themselves in public… (especially out at the club).

      Why should these ho’s feel so free and secure to go out and party/celebrate after taking such a sweet innocent soul?? ‘Quella’s family will always be so heartbroken and devastated because they are NOT getting the (legal) justice they deserve— so hopefully them streets will keep catchin’ the cabo 6 lackin.

  27. After all these years if they can get justice for Natalee Holloway. There will be for her I do think so praying for justice.

  28. If I was there, I would have picked up something and burst their head wide open. They would have wished they were never out on the street to where they were seen. If they are in Greensboro, that is where they need to stay because if I see them, I am doing to do some damage control. JUSTICE FOR SHANQUELA!!!

  29. Y’all better not let them hoez get ONE NITES REST OUT IN DEM STREETS!! I’m way past fighting age but I STG. It would be ON EVERYTIME I seen them Treacherous,. Murderous, Lowdown, Dirty, Wenches!!!!

  30. The way I was smiling while they were getting the beat down tho….I was sad once it ended, it simply was not enough!!! These iiiTCHES OUT HEA living like it’s okay, not realizing we all waiting for them to get sent back to Mexico!!!!

  31. They need their a*s beat every time they get spotted out it’s no way they get to still enjoy their lives while Shanquella is gone they better hope I don’t see them. R.I.P baby gone but never forgotten 🕊️

  32. Yaaaaay!!!! Justice for Shanquella!!! She is not here to defend herself! They killed her for no reason!! They are not going to get away with this!!! I don’t promote violence but vengeance is mine says the Lord!!

    • The Lord will definitely get revenge for Shanquella if those murderers do not turn themselves in!!! Their freedom ended the moment they killed that beautiful, successful young lady. She was everything they are not and they are jealous!

  33. Oh wow 😳 karma is no joke what y’all did to Shanqullia was wrong .how ironic that you guys filmed her and then you guys get filmed getting attacked karma’s a b****

  34. Whoever was recording needs a new job next time cause that was bad.And that beat down needed to be more then this after what they did too shawty but glad y’all beat they a*s cause they deserve that shit…

  35. Winter was in the video she had the white shirt with some type of character or design, on it with long light blue jeans and some sneakers on her hair was black down in the straight….. she was in the fight she was on the ground at one point in time in between the cars!

  36. She needs to be beat just how she did Shanquella RIP BEAUTIFUL SOUL 💕 no mercy no understanding no love just beat till She can’t move no more She is evil she think she a bully fightin some1 not fightin bk nah that make u a pu**y So now she needs to meet her match & she will keep walkin streets like you big & bad Bring yo Azz to AZ cause we definitely want to beat on you 💯 THEY GOT MORE BEATINGS 2 COME! It’s about 50 states that want to touch them smh! They not safe NO WHERE OH WELL MADE YO BED NOW LAY N IT 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @Sundaytillis-U ain’t neva lied!!! The Lower 48, Alaska,HI and Puerto Rico ALL GOT A*S WHOOPINGS ON TAP 4DEM TRICKS!! LETS NOT ADD THAT B***H NAMED KARMA!!!!!

    • Put their addresses, where, they work or go to school, hell, even church. They shouldn’t even be able to fart without one of y’all hearing it!

  37. Stay on they a*s. They need to be scared everytime they walk out the door. I’d made they a*s leave South Carolina.

  38. Glad they got ‘em. Please keep getting them. But I would have done way more damage that that. Each of their heads would have been rammed into each car repeatedly and they would have been slammed on they damn necks…causing severe spinal cord injury.

  39. How do we know it was those 3??? This video doesn’t show Anything!!!!! But a bunch of different people pulling hair and asking for a wig back!!! And looks like 2 boys fighting!!! This proves and shows NOTHING! This is sorry recording of a bunch of concrete and trees

    • How I found out is nc best tic tok interviewed one of the ladies involved in whooping on the three and they confirmed but but the one in the white with the print is a best friend of dejanae it’s not wenter the lady said.

  40. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Everytime dem ho3s walk outside their day should be ended by a AZZ whooping. They really think it’s sweat . They really think it’s over. They wouldn’t pop out b4 but now since no charges being filed they strutting Dey long feet azz’s Thru clubs 😒 Mannnn AINT no way they were pose to been able to swing first and walk away the way they came. Dem ho3s knees and elbows pose to be pink & needing EMT from concussions, broken limbs, & permanently blind. TF … Ion know what kinda fight this was but it definitely wasn’t a beat down. 🙄

  41. The beating wasn’t long enough it should have been brutal brutal stomped etc nose broke both eyes bleeding a serious beat down hospital wise I would have went up to one of them and hit them in the head with a pipe brick back etc of vicious beaten let the games begin no matter where I see him it’s on and popping no letting up

  42. It seemed like she avoided it. If she’s the one in blue. At the end she’s on all fours not getting hit. And majority of what’s shown is the Joya chick. It’d be better to see dajanasty being stomped. How they can be out and living is beyond me and it’s disgusting. Trifling b…h


  44. Personally they didn’t whoop them long enough not hard enough. They should’ve got a mud hole stomped into their asses. Every time they go out people should be waiting to tax that a*s. The End.

  45. Good I’m glad someone got them , they deserve way more than that!! But be careful they are def the types to call law and press charges and the irony in that is crazy ! They are big bad and bold thinking we the world forgot what they did!! Well they def showed them we have not and we won’t sleep till there’s some sort of Justice! I feel like Mexico and us dropped the ball in so many ways !!

  46. Good for they fonky asses they need to be beat everytime they open they eyes cause how tf they got away with killing an innocent soul that was just trynna enjoy life like that shit is bogus them mf would have gotten admitted to the hospital that night trifling bitches🙄

  47. Every time they’re seen they need to be TOUCHED ‼️bc how tf they still walking around. Knowing y’all killed that woman

  48. Oooohhh they need a under cover van o oick them up and and they should get to wear some black hoods and so they can’t see and take them for a surprise ….disappear they a*s…yuuup I said it!! That’s the only justice she’s gonna get.

  49. They need to lift them above their heads and slam them to the floor/ground. And where are those 2 “fk “boys at? Somebody needs to get a hold of them as well.

  50. I’m confused. If Dejanae is the one in the ripped jeans, I dont see anyone getting on her. Which one is Alysse? Who’s the girl in the pink?

    • Daejhanae is the one with the denim blue tank top on. Alysse is the girl that started the fight by hitting the dude. Wenter is the one with the white shirt on that was getting hit by the girl with the green shirt on who grabbed her by the hair from behind. Girl in the pink is one of the girls that spotted them apparently

  51. They need need they a*s beat everytime there seen outside DF they did that girl Greezy in Mexico now they on these streets they don’t have that kinda energy.BUT umm what was the dude doing fighting girls?

    • That girl swung on him first clearly that’s why he was fighting. Like why would she go for the man and not the girl in the pink? My guess is because it (the thing fighting in black and white is actually a male at its deep core), plus the thing who swung first (which is said to be Alysse) looks like a transformer (Dude to female). This is what happens when you start changing sexes the people become unsure of who is what bol. Anyhow they definitely was holding their ground and didn’t seem fazed at all, to the point that they began the brawl. So if you are going to bring street justice then bring it. #JusticeforSHANQUELLA#ThiswasNOTenough

  52. I hope they keep coming for them onsite.Period i not satisfied I want some one to dog walk all of them they need to really feel something. But this is a good start!! Keep going in all cities cause if they was from were we from they would not made it through the night.. the sick part was when they blasted this mess online.. They deserve it!!!

  53. Don’t feel a one bit guilty looking at this smiling and laughing Justice for shanquilla rest in peace baby girl they will get theirs

  54. They got a sense of they can’t do no wrong, since they haven’t been charged yet. That a*s whooping should correct that line of thinking.

  55. I was smiling so hard seeing girl in the pink pound “leaf outfit “ head into the ground!!! Justice for Shanquella!!!!
    I kept clicking and finally got to see it Gerald!!! And big up to the dude that handled little muscle dude that everyone think is a bihhhh no that’s a man gettttt him lol

    • Same! I was like get that b***h! I wish we could see more if SheaMan getting their a*s beat but they deserved that shit and I usually don’t condone violence but in the this case well deserved

  56. Yessssss every time they go outside, they need the asses whooped..
    Summer time it’s going be hot for them. Justice for Shanquella

    • That girl started swinging first , but that was not a real beat down it looks to me the other party was getting the beat down till the end when the other part dot the girl in the white good but she should of kept going

  57. They got what they deserved period something worse should’ve happened I don’t think that was enough keep beating they a*s everytime they come outside

  58. Idc if it is a man beating they asses so what!!!! I hope next time they run into to ppl that can fight fr and beat the brakes off of all them!!!! 😡 or worse!

    • Blk pple are so a*s backwards 1 min a man can’t hit a woman next min it’s ok .. yea y’all will forever be last and look dwn on

      • please shut tf up. A woman lost her life because they beat her to death . Them hos deserve a man whooping they a*s PERIOD

        • Yes so true I agree with what you say . From the words wonder the killer will reap what they have sow = murder for murder = its in the Bible. From the words wonder

  59. What I find funny is the FBI cannot bring the Cabo 6 to justice because they say there is “no evidence “. They have a whole video as evidence. But they can bring the person the FBI thinks is the killer of Natalie Holloway’s case, expedite him to the US to face justice with barely any evidence. Interesting…

    • I said the same thing today when I heard that that guy is being extradited to face charges. They pick and choose and it’s BS!
      Shanquella deserves justice! Glad the are being served in the streets. They will face consequences one way or another, cannot wait for the next update!

    • And they don’t even have a body and he’s being extradited back to the states. Make that make sense.

    • They did an FBI sting and he was trying to extort half million from her mom, to produce her body. He told on himself. But I agree they needed to be charged period.

    • Ur missing the reason the FBI is bring him back. It’s not about her death. It’s about wire fraud. He told the mom he would give the location of her body for $25k and she wired the money.

  60. Why is that big black man involved 🧐 leave it to women. That’s just wrong. Exactly why I keep blicky.

  61. I am all here for vigilante justice but there were way too many women there to handle them for a big black man to be fighting women. Smh is disgusting.

  62. Cameraman Quality is a Must for this Sister but,I Digress!..The Best is Yet to Come it’s Called Karma and No Matter Where the Cabo 6 Run they Want Escape the Wrath of Her(America)

    • No it’s not they killed an innocent girl then covered it up and got away with it and have 0 remorse there karma is going to get them and they deserve it all. It started.

  63. Whoever the camera person was sucks A*S because they had the camera on the ground the whole time, and then was recording their legs we couldn’t even see their faces that much. Ugh next time keep the camera focused, and stop moving the camera so much! 🙄🙄

    • Man they supp to got beat the f**k up not no lil brawl the ambulance shuda been picking em up n the camera man had one job to do if she wasn’t throwing no blows I give y’all a thumbs up for trying tho

  64. Something isn’t right with all of this, it’s obviously getting worse. I hope the rally on the 19th won’t bring more violence. I get people want justice but this is dangerous and may cause a ripple affect of violence which isn’t going to be good

  65. Okay and they deserved that a*s whippin and then some. They’re living with no worries while Shaquella is gone. I guess it’s gonna take street justice for these mfs to get what they deserve because the judicial system ain’t shit in NC or in Mexico. Sad but true. I don’t feel no sympathy for the Cabo 6 at all. U reap what u sow. Somebody should have broke them bitches neck and back then left their

    • I was very excited watch them get their a*s whoopped…They deserve so much more and I believe that it is right around the corner !!! JUSTICE FOR SHANQUELLA BRENADA ROBINSON !!!!!!! WE GONNA MAKE IT HOT FOR QUELLA !!!!


    • Woooo street Justice ⚖️ They will be begging to be in prison. Trust and believe they will get ..got! Because it looks like they need to move off the grid for life. Or go into protective custody. They are in serious danger.

  67. Karma has no expiration date and they all deserve it and more justice for Shanquella Robinson 🙏🏾💕🌹🕊️💕💯👌

  68. Actually that was a bad video. But glad they know that it is never safe to be out like nothing will happen to them. They need they a*s beat on every set

    • Yea I agree, I still don’t know who was who. But glad they know it’s bad bad for them! Keep it coming people!

  69. They should’ve been able to get up off the ground they should’ve beat them till they couldn’t walk away for awhile should’ve been hurting until the next time.

    • They got nothing near what they deserved because they were able to walk away from that fight!!! There were too many spectators and not enough participants! Those 3 should have been left same way Shanquella was and there were more than enough on lookers there to make it happen!!! Greensboro you were supposed to finish those BITCHES!!!


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Hi, my name is Gerald Jackson and I am 28-years-old. I was born and raised in Troy, Alabama. I currently reside in North Carolina. I am a Journalist, Influencer, Content Creator, and a Man of Faith! I don't shy away from the truth, always speak my mind, and before I take anything back, I'll add more to it. Follow me on my social media below to keep up with my personal life. LOL!

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