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‘WE’RE DONE WITH YOU’: Diddy’s clothing brand Sean John being ‘PHASED OUT’ of Macy’s after two-decade relationship


‘WE’RE DONE WITH YOU’: Diddy’s clothing brand Sean John being ‘PHASED OUT’ of Macy’s after two-decade relationship

As per a report from RadarOnline, shoppers will no longer find Diddy’s Sean John clothing brand at Macy’s or on their website starting this month. Diddy, also known as Sean John Combs, established the fashion lifestyle company in 1998. The brand has been a staple at Macy’s.

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The hip-hop mogul reportedly sold a 90% stake in Sean John to Global Brands Group in 2016, but in 2021, he bought back the company for a reported $7.5 million. According to online reports, Macy’s has seen a decline in sales for Sean John compared to its popularity in the ’90s and early ’00s. An insider claims that the decision to phase out the brand was concluded before Cassie filed her recent lawsuit against Diddy. 

As previously reported, Cassie alleged in her lawsuit that Diddy subjected her to years of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and physical abuse. Diddy settled with Cassie one day after she filed her suit, but in a statement from his lawyer, he denied her claims.

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Regarding the Macy’s and Sean John partnership, a source with inside knowledge about the department store stated, “As part of our ongoing review of our brand portfolio, the Sean John collection has started to phase out of assortment since early fall 2023.”

They also mentioned that Diddy’s products are being removed and won’t be available on the site, adding, “It’s the course of business.” 

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