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Durham NC Hillside High School gym teacher gets assaulted by student


Violence in the classroom against teachers continues in North Carolina.

On Tuesday, another teacher was taken to the ground by a North Carolina High School student, according to students who sent The North Carolina Beat the video.

The teacher has been identified as 56-year-old Carla Boynton, and Hillside High School has her listed as a Health and Physical Education teacher.

Carla Boynton

According to sources, the fight happened around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, when Boynton allegedly closed the door on the student.

Sources say the student and Boynton started arguing when Boynton allegedly pushed the student, and that’s when the student started assaulting Boynton.

The video doesn’t show Boynton pushing the student, but it does show Boynton on top of the student, seemingly trying to restrain the student before the student kicks Boynton in the jaw and proceeds to get on top and starts punching and swinging on Boynton.


Hopefully, this student will be expelled and criminally charged for assaulting this teacher.


  1. some of them teachers be needing they a*s whooped them kids with them 24/7 we don’t know what them teacher do behind closed door every time them teachers do some out of line i tell my kids to record i wouldn’t mind if my child beat ts out of a teacher does mean i teaching them no to respect but , not everyone deserves respect… and dats just how i feel.

  2. Sad af 🤮 All them kids need some mfkn a*s whoopings! I wish tf my kids would ever!!! Her mama should beat her a*s too…. And then showing off bc the cameras on her , I couldn’t have been that teacher bc I would have rocked that hoes face into that wall! Remember these teachers have family that don’t play behind them, one day somebody gone catch a good ole a*s whipping playing with someone’s mama🤸🏻‍♂️‼️

  3. They need to shut down public schools and let their arses stay home with their mommas. I said it‼️ when you make them pay for school, their arses will learn, free school get students who dgaf. Teachers deal with kids who don’t want to be there, so there parents should suffer and deal with them themselves. Don’t pass your mess off to a teacher.. Remember a hotmess momma, makes hotmess kids.

  4. I’m screaming I do not miss high school and I do not miss hillside but no seriously I wasn’t there so I can’t say much but they wouldn’t have put it in the article that the teacher put her hands on her first and then in the video the teacher had her on the ground on top of her what would y’all do if a person your side or bigger is on top of you like that lets be realistic nobody is gonna let anybody disrespect or let hands be put on them and let Ts slide especially if the teacher had been doing that all day and I can say it was always complaints about her as I teacher I believe I even had a run in w her before it’s definitely circumstances but I don’t think they should kick that girl out of school because of this especially since there is a history not necessarily with the girl but w disrespecting her students in general

    • So, for clarification, are you saying it’s ok for a student to put her hands on a teacher who is on charge?

    • Y’all’s generation is wild! Disrespect? What have any of y’all done to earn respect? Respect is earned not automatic. Respect is earned when one is able to remain cool, calm, and collected in the face of whatever y’all call disrespectful, instead of immediately meeting any small inconvenience with back talk and violence. But that is literally all young folks know nowadays. Well we’ll see how y’all continue to act when the same “disrespect” happens when you’re in jail on an assault charge because the last adult who you decided disrespected you put hands on, and they in turn decide to press charges. Good luck!

  5. I feel like fk these big a*s kids. All teachers can go home now, and retire! Let the parents deal with them!!! Homeschool they asses! Then watch how the statistics rise on bad azz kids parents calling 911 everyday. Worry them (police)! Ik they don’t pay teachers enough to deal with this extracurricular bs everyday, with no on deck able bodied security! Because although they can!!….. Not all adults want to hurt children, therefore….keep they bad asses at home!

    • YOUR COMMENT IS RUDE and SEXIST not to mention it is discussing a CHILD. It’s not funny, it’s WEIRD. Ugh.

      • That ain’t a child! She is an adult who wants to beat her teachers a*s and you are correct it ain’t funny! Stop making excuses for bad a*s students! She should face the consequences for her actions, period!

        • teacher should’ve left her alone carla got what was coming to her. she always messing with kids at that school i went there for four years i would know. boynton always bullying students cause she think her big fat a*s in charge

          • She is the teacher….. So doesn’t that make her in charge? The student she gave just report her….

      • A child that wants to act like an adult….so you want to act like your one and step up?!? Get your a*s beat and put back where you belong. 🤷‍♀️ These little kids have no business trying to act like they are big and tough and not expect consequences for their stupid actions. These kids need to learn some respect, which should be taught at home before an outsider has to teach it to them for acting stupid, plain and simple.

        • Carla was trying to restrain her. She could have hurt this little girl. I’ve known Carla my entire life and she has always tried to help kids. This is unacceptable behavior for this child to even feel she can put hands on an adult. That’s exactly why I don’t teach kids I teach adults because you put your hands on me you are putting yourself in an adult situation and I would be behind bars during 20 to life. Sometimes you can’t blame parents these kids are just bad. Carla didn’t deserve that. Hopefully this girl is charged with assault and expelled. Just ridiculous.

          • What happened? Did the teacher assault her first like the substitute teacher in Rocky Mount?


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