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Social media sensation Ms. Netta finally admits she’s a man!!!


Viral social media sensation ‘Ms. Netta’ who the streets say was born Joe Robinson from Alabama has come out to tell social media that she was born a man – just like her new founded friend Timothy Maurice Hinton, professionally known as TS Madison.

Mrs. Netta
Mrs. Netta

It was no secret to the world that Mrs. Netta was a man, as her pictures circulated on social media, showing her proudly embracing her identity. She and her now-husband, Charles, are living their best life and traveling the world. Recently, Netta revealed that she was assigned male at birth.

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for a man to dress up as a woman – just look at Rickey Smiley and Tyler Perry. However, at the end of the day, TS Madison seemed to want to clarify on social media whether Mrs. Netta was a real woman or not.

Mrs. Netta and Charles are known for their entertaining skits and cooking videos that keep us all entertained. Recently on Fox Soul’s Tea-G-I-F, Mrs. Netta and Charles stopped by, and Mrs. Netta addressed the rumors.

TS Madison, also known as Mandy Mad Whora, according to Khia, asked Netta if she was part of the LGBTQ+ community, to which Netta replied, “YES.”


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Is Mrs. Netta a trans or nonbinary?

TS Madison asked Mrs. Netta if she identified as nonbinary or transgender, and she denied it, stating that she never categorized herself and that she has always been true to herself.

Mrs. Netta & Charles
Mrs. Netta & Charles

“I never categorized myself or none of that,” Netta said. “I just always been myself. This is my everyday look and it’s something I’ve been doing growing up in life. I don’t think I’m a transexual. I don’t think I’m none of those.”

She addressed the rumors about fans claiming that she’s ashamed of her sexuality, but Mrs. Netta denies that she is. She says her sexuality is her business and not about hiding it.

 “A lot of people say I’m ashamed of my sexuality which I am not. People here in our city knows me. It wasn’t about me hiding my sexuality. It was just more like, it was my business, and when I wanna put my business out, I’ll do it.”

Later in the interview, she admitted that she was assigned male at birth. She then informed social media that they had their answers and that all the rumors were true.

“Whoever watching this, y’all got y’all answer,” Netta said. “I never put it out there but when we go live and we feel like we comfortable in the live, we’ll answer their questions.”

In 2021, the social media influencer gained popularity on TikTok, showcasing her phone pranks and skits centered around her nosy neighbors and disputes over her partner.


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