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Three suspects arrested for concealing the death of Amir Hinnant, two fled state before arrest


Three suspects have been apprehended by North Carolina police in connection with the death of 18-year-old Amir Hinnant.

Amir Hinnant
Amir Hinnant

The Halifax County sheriff’s office reported that one woman and one of two men attempted to flee to Tennessee but were apprehended and brought back to North Carolina.

Initially, Amir was reported missing by his family on February 24, although an earlier press release from the sheriff’s office stated that the family reported him missing on March 2.

Amir’s body was discovered around 4:10 p.m. on March 4, in a secluded area off N.C. 481 near Enfield, as per the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation suggests that Amir’s death occurred at a different location before his body was disposed of in the remote area. Law enforcement agencies were able to identify the vehicle used in the crime days after Amir’s body was found, according to the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspects, Jose Bryan Rodriguez Bautista, Makaleigh Amanda Vick, and Michael Logan Proctor, have been arrested and charged with concealment of death in both Edgecombe and Halifax counties.

(Left to Right) - Jose Bryan Rodriguez Bautista, Michael Logan Proctor and Makaleigh Amanda Vick.
(Left to Right) – Jose Bryan Rodriguez Bautista, Michael Logan Proctor and Makaleigh Amanda Vick.

Proctor was swiftly apprehended, while Vick and Bautista fled to Tennessee in an attempt to evade capture, according to officials.

Sheriff Atkinson extends his gratitude to all the agencies that assisted in delivering justice to the Hinnant family. He also appreciates Fighting Crime News and Who’s Wanted for the valuable tips they provided to their agency, as well as the public for their ongoing support in sharing information. 


  1. This is not justice! They dumped his body in a field that is desecration of a corps and tampering with evidence in connection with a murder both felony offenses and yes concealment because they failed to alert law enforcement.
    But who killed him? How? Why? Where? Who else was involved? Because this was definitely not an accidental death and EVERYONE including law enforcement knows it. Justice is they stop dragging their damn feet get the truth out of these three dirty rinsed out bums and charge all their asses with felony murder along with the above charges and all others that apply to their crime.
    Justice is for them to care about the black community especially the young ones and here is where they can start.


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