Wednesday, April 17, 2024

‘Who dog is this?’ Pitbull put in a chokehold by a man to stop a fight with another dog


Not the girls fighting, but the dogs fighting… word on the curb is that a pitbull and a Beethoven look-alike dog were fighting in the streets. One man, who seem to couldn’t keep his drawls up on his tale had to put the pitbull in a chokehold, while a woman was coming out of her slippers trying to get control of her big dog, “Beethoven”.

For some of you, this video may be sad, but for many of us, it is funny ASF. Not because the big dog is picking on the little pitbull, but because the man who had the pit in a chokehold laid his behind on the ground for a smooth second while the wind blew up through all the cracks of his budussy.

According to the narrators in the video, the pitbull appeared suddenly but was wearing a leash. The man, presumably the dog’s owner, was seen punching the pitbull in the head to break up the fight. We’ve seen a lot of dog fights involving pit bulls, but this particular dog fight is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

As the woman and the man tried to break up the dogs, the woman could be seen wielding a long handle, likely a metal bar, to the top of the pitbull’s head to protect her fur baby. At some point, two eventually get the dogs separated.

Good luck to both of the dogs in their fighting careers. Hopefully, these two will never meet again.

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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