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Two men gunned down inside Culture Lounge in Greensboro


Two individuals tragically lost their lives and a woman was rushed to the hospital after a gun made its way into Culture Lounge in the early hours of Friday.

Culture Lounge shooting

Culture Lounge, Greensboro, North Carolina.
Culture Lounge, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Reports from Greensboro Police Department indicate that approximately 100 guests were present at the cozy venue on Spring Garden Street when gunshots rang out. It’s disheartening that security protocols seem to have been lacking, with some individuals possibly slipping through without thorough checks.

Two men killed at Culture Lounge in Greensboro

We don’t know who was at the door checking and searching patrons, but 33-year-old Mohsin Malik Hamid and 28-year-old Devonte Bernard Johnson should not have lost their lives due to the club’s lack of security and safety measures to ensure the safety of all patrons inside.

28-year-old Devonte Bernard Johnson and 33-year-old Mohsin Malik Hamid
28-year-old Devonte Bernard Johnson and 33-year-old Mohsin Malik Hamid

Upon receiving the distress call around 1:20 a.m., Greensboro PD, UNCG Campus Police, and Guilford County EMS swiftly responded to the scene. Life-saving efforts were immediately initiated for the multiple gunshot victims found inside the establishment. Prior to the shooting, a scuffle had reportedly broken out, leading to the tragic incident.

It’s been noted that this act of violence was not a random occurrence. A friend of Mohsin Hamid shared with that Hamid courageously intervened, only to be met with more gunfire from the assailant. The friend mentioned that Hamid had recently celebrated his 33rd birthday.

As the investigation continues, authorities have refrained from disclosing further details surrounding the incident.


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