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Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host Shirley Strawberry’s husband charged with pedo charges


Chileeeeee, I bet you this is one letter Shirley Strawberry did not want to open. 

Word at the Fulton County DA’s office… Shirley Strawberry’s husband, Ernesto Williams, is facing four counts of sexual exploitation involving a child, and we haven’t heard a Strawberry letter about this on the Steve Harvey Morning Show yet. What’s even shocking is that according to prosecutors, Shirley told her husband he could go to Dubai and stay at Steve Harvey’s home to dodge these charges.

(Left) Shirley Strawberry (Right) Ernesto Williams

Let’s hope Steve Harvey is worried about who Lori Harvey is in bed with instead of trying to provide housing to an alleged pedo.

A bond hearing for Williams was held on June 26, 2023. Prosecutors did not go into the alleged accusations they accuse Williams of but say he faces at least four counts of sexual exploitation and is about to be hit with at least 15 more “serious felony” charges. 

Crail Lewis, the attorney for Williams, tried his hardest to speak in codes during the bond hearing conducted on Zoom. Lewis said his client was accused of having a single nude photo on his computer, and prosecutors allege it was a child. However, prosecutors said more charges are coming that involve children.

During the bond hearing, prosecutors alleged that Williams had a girlfriend who lives in Florida and could flee to her home to avoid facing the crimes he allegedly committed. 

The judge ordered Williams to be placed on an ankle monitor, not leave Fulton County, surrender his passport, have no internet access, and stay away from his alleged girlfriend, Melanie Scretchen, and his wife, Shirley Strawberry

The judge also ordered Williams to stay away from children and animals.


Now, what did this man do to the lord’s animals? We will soon find out.

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  1. Judge not that yet not be judge. No one knows what Ms. Strawberry knew. People him can hide their double life very well. If people read more things that’s informative/educational about people with such sick personalities then you will be informed. Only those involved and God know the facts. For people to believe everything they hear, speak strong against people with things they do not know as factual, make all these comments like they know these people personally, know that what you throw out you will receive!! The public do not know how long this man have been doing the things he have done. It never occurred to anyone that maybe this was God’s plan? For him to married to a well known public person to shine a spotlight on HIM/her husband so this man would caught. Who are we to question God’s plan? Everything that is done is God’s plan. So if you want to attack anyone, attack the one that committed the crime. Should you be stoned for your spouse’s crimes? Should God judge you for your spouses sins/crimes or just yours alone? Only One have a Heaven or hell to put any of us in and that One no longer walk the face of Earth in human form. So before we speak on others wrong doings, sins, convictions, lifestyles and so forth maybe we need to think about what God is not pleased with us. One thing for sure God keep blessing the ones that you are tearing down. Stop blocking you blessing by judging others. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. Your focus should be on God. It only take a skeleton in your closet to fall out before you are judges and publicly ridiculed for something that may or may not be true. Time is winding up, in case haven’t noticed. With these attitudes where will you spend eternity?

  2. So if a dog is coming down the street, he has to cross the street, you mean stay away like that👀🤷🏽

  3. I am completely baffled that Shirley is caught up in this. I am sick of hearing her do the Strawberry Letter. Since I have discovered all of this mess, it irks me to hear Shirley giving advice, with all of this BS her husband has been doing, and somebody say, Animals too?

  4. Jesus take the wheel… Shirley is foul too. And to want to still be with him knowing the allegations against him..Smdh.. Will this be a straw letter,👀

  5. Ex-long-time listerner of SHMS & FF. I’m done. This is disturbing.
    Coming soon “For Her Man” episode. SMDH.🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. “Leave the Children ALONE!” Child Ill say, not only kids which is disgusting all by it self but animals too?! Whew his life is about to go down very quickly, no internet, no contact, no self medications, no nothing! He’s gonna wanna unalive his self like cowards and pedos do I’m sure! May God be with any and all victims including his Wife. Because I don’t believe she knew any of this was happening.


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