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New York City school officials say high school students are getting high at an alarming rate at school


New York City school officials are sounding the alarm about their drug-infested school system, where they claim that high school students are using drugs while at school at an alarming rate and that the situation is getting out of hand.

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Ever since Mayor Eric Adams took office as the mayor of New York City, the city has been experiencing a decline, and it no longer feels like the New York we once knew. Additionally, there is a concerning issue with drug use among students at school, and school officials say they can’t take it anymore.

According to reports from the New York Post, New York City school teachers have been having a hard time dealing with the rapid increase in drug use among students, which reportedly involves other substances as well.

School officials are reporting that students are also engaging in alcohol consumption and using unauthorized prescription medications, which has now risen to 17% in the last year. School officials say that cannabis products are being discreetly distributed in the form of gummies and vapes, making it difficult for teachers to identify which students are using them.

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Normally, teachers could detect the smell of marijuana on a student or observe their behavior to determine who was high or not.

They show up sluggish with red eyes. Sometimes you can even smell it on them,” a teacher at Queens’ August Martin High School told the Post. It’s not good for learning. They can’t learn if they are high.

Students don’t just arrive at school high, but one teacher said that the students also engage in “mid-day smoke sessions.”

Mayor Eric Adams called attention to the situation during his “State of Our Schools” speech last week, criticizing illegal dispensaries for being sole responsible for high school students using drugs.

The post spoke to a high school student from New York City who attends Excelsior Prep in Queens. He mentioned that he smokes daily but doesn’t believe it has any impact on his learning.

I’ve been smoking [marijuana] for three years now, he said while lighting up before class. I usually smoke one before school.

Some students have been taking vape hits when teachers are distracted, while transforming the bathrooms and stairwells into smoking areas, pushing the smell of marijuana through school hallways.

Adams said he plans to crack down on these illegal cannabis stores in his city. 

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