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Mold found in Top That Dessert Bar products in Lumberton NC, owner called customer a H**E


Word On The Curb if you’ve ever eaten dessert at “Top That Dessert Bar” in Lumberton, NC, then you may have eaten some mold too.

However, one customer could spot it, take photos, and post it on social media for the world to see.

Many have said that Top That Dessert Bar has good desserts despite the mold in one of their products, but you know what they say? Good food does come from a DIRTY KITCHEN, chileeeee.

Amber Johnson, who posted a photo of the mold, said that others also found mold in their products from Top That Dessert Bar.


“I would love to spread the word about the hazardous products he is selling and how he feels about the people in his community,” Johnson said. “His arrogance and unprofessionalism is absurd, and anyone who does future business with him should be aware of the type of person he is.”

Justin Blake, the dessert bar owner who wants us to believe he’s a millionaire, was upset about the social media post about his desserts and refused to apologize or issue a professional statement to those who may have seen the photo. Instead, he boasted about making “millions” off one of the “poorest counties” in North Carolina, referring to Lumberton, and then called the customer who posted his molded products a h*e.

Justin Blake


The North Carolina Beat reached out to Blake for comment, and he stated that he did not wish to comment further on the incident due to him already releasing a public statement but did not refer us to his public statement.

We received a photo from another customer who had mold on one of their Top That Dessert Bar deserts. 


Be careful eating at “Top That With Mold Dessert Bar”; don’t get sick. Hopefully, with the “millions” Blake wants us to believe he has, he’ll throw away the bad desserts and make some fresh, and safe ones.

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  1. I’ve also been there and got trashy desserts. I wouldn’t even accept the gift card if I was the one chick. She may go back to use the gift card and get served mold again. More importantly if he has made so called millions off of us Customers I’m sure he wouldn’t be dressed like that. Barney called wanting his costume back man..


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