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WATCH: Woman fatally strikes her boyfriend’s former girlfriend in a love triangle killing


Shakira Serrano, a woman from Brooklyn, was hit by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, Naomi Broomes, in a tragic love triangle incident that turned deadly. The incident was captured on video.

24-year-old Shakira Serrano
24-year-old Shakira Serrano

A woman from New York is facing murder charges after allegedly running over her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend in a Brooklyn parking lot in what appears to be a tragic love triangle.

The incident, captured on video, shows 33-year-old Naomi Broomes confronting her boyfriend’s ex, Shakira Serrano, in the parking lot of Serrano’s residence. According to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, the altercation escalated to the point of “borderline domestic violence” with physical confrontation before Broomes got into her boyfriend’s car and attempted to run over Serrano.

Broomes missed first attempt to run over Serrano

After missing Serrano with the initial attempt, Broomes circled the parking lot while Serrano engaged in a physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend. During the scuffle, Broomes struck Serrano with the car and fled the scene, leaving Serrano with severe injuries.

Serrano was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, where she tragically succumbed to her injuries, including multiple broken bones and a spinal cord injury described by Kenny as an “internal decapitation.”

“So the head remained on her but everything else was broken,” Kenny said. “All her ribs are broken. Her arms were broken. Her shoulders were broken and we actually, during crime scene examination of the recovered car, we found a pink fingernail underneath the undercarriage of the car that belonged to the victim.”

Broomes has been charged with murder and leaving the scene of an accident, while Serrano’s ex-boyfriend has declined to speak with authorities without legal representation.


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