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A Walmart customer was taken into custody after being confronted about her baby, who was shivering in freezing temperatures while wearing only a diaper


A mother from Mississippi was taken into custody after a video taken by a Walmart employee showed her toddler shivering and wearing only diapers. The employee who recorded the video was fired later on.

Kambria Gabrielle Darby
Kambria Gabrielle Darby

Kambria Gabrielle Darby, a 26-year-old mother, gained widespread attention when a video of her child dressed only in diapers in freezing temperatures at Walmart went viral. She was subsequently arrested after a Walmart employee who claimed they were fired for sharing the video on social media.

Reports indicate that Darby was charged with child neglect after police were alerted to the incident on January 17 at around 10:30 a.m. She was found by police in the Walmart parking lot, as reported by WJTV.

The video capturing the confrontation with the unfit mother was shared online by Facebook user Fee Nicole, also known as Felicia Darling, the terminated employee. She began recording Darby after noticing that Darby was dressed for the 20-degree weather outside while her toddler was only in a diaper in the cold shopping cart.

Shoppers at Byram, Mississippi Walmart confronted Darby.

Other shoppers intervened and confronted Darby as she roamed the store.

In the video, a man can be seen confronting Darby in the freezer aisle. Darby was seen tossing a bag of frozen vegetables at her visibly shivering toddler. Another concerned stranger even stepped in to dress Darby’s child, while Darby was seen scrolling through her phone.

Darby was released on bond by the Hinds County Youth Court, according to WLBT.

Her child is now in the care of a CPS-approved relative.


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