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New York man found dead near home of female friend in Virginia he took Amtrak train to visit, bank account dumped


New York man dead after taking Amtrak train to visit female friend in Virginia

A New York man, who officials say had been missing since October, was found dead near the home of a female friend he had gone to visit on an Amtrak train in Virginia.

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According to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, the body of 33-year-old Terrence Smith was found on November 16 in an “advanced stage of decomposition.” On Tuesday, the remains discovered on November 16 were identified as belonging to Smith.

Terrence Smith
Terrence Smith

The cause of his death is “undetermined,” but the family stated that investigators informed them that Smith may have been a victim of a homicide.

Terrence Smith’s family was suspicious when he didn’t return back to New York in October and bank account wiped

Smith’s family told local reporters that they grew suspicious when Smith didn’t return from his trip in late October. They said they learned that his bank account had been emptied within days of his arrival in Fredericksburg, where the female friend lives.

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Smith and the unidentified woman have known each other since high school, according to family members.

The sheriff’s office in Virginia questioned Smith’s friend and some acquaintances shortly after he disappeared.

Terrence Smith was last seen at a target store near Fredericksburg, Virginia

According to the police, Smith, who worked for a real estate management firm in Manhattan, was last seen at a Target store near Fredericksburg. He was reportedly buying groceries and toilet paper for his friend and her children.

Friend gave different stories about what happened to Terrence Smith’s family

Terrence’s sister-in-law, Diana Perry, told reporters that the friend had given three different versions of Smith’s last movements near the home on Timber Ridge Townhouse Road.

“The first version was, he left with a girl,” Perry recounted. “The second was he took an Uber, the third she mentioned to the police department was he took Amtrak to go back home. And then her son, who was present at the time, said he (Smith) went out the back door to the woods.”

Smith’s female friend faked a pregnancy claiming he was the father of the child

Michael Perry, Smith’s brother, said that he and his family had concerns about his brother’s friendship with the female friend from Virginia. Perry said that last year, the woman had a “false alarm” about being pregnant with his brother’s child.

“I just said, ‘You know what, leave her alone, man,’” the brother told Pix11.



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