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Woman who caused the death of another woman by administering counterfeit buttocks injections gets 4 years in prison


A woman from New York City has been sentenced to 4-8 years behind bars for giving fake buttock injections and causing the tragic death of Lesbia Ayala, aged 48. The culprit, Whalesca Castillo, decided to play doctor by injecting silicone into Ayala’s buttocks and thighs without a valid medical license, leading to fatal consequences.

Whalesca Castillo
Whalesca Castillo

Recently, a judge in Bronx County handed down the somewhat lenient sentence to Castillo for her role in the 2017 incident. In an agreement with prosecutors last December, Castillo pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault charges related to the illicit buttock enhancement procedure she performed at her Bronx residence.

According to Prosecutor Darcel Clark, Castillo administered the silicone injections to Ayala for cosmetic purposes, resulting in the victim’s untimely demise. The intended buttock enhancement procedure backfired, causing severe infections and excruciating pain in Ayala’s lower body. As a result of Castillo’s actions, Ayala had to undergo extensive surgical procedures to remove damaged tissue.

Lesbia Ayala
Lesbia Ayala

Following the court session, Vanessa Ayala, the victim’s sister, expressed dissatisfaction with the seemingly light sentence, arguing that four years was insufficient given Castillo’s history of similar misconduct.

“Four years is not enough,” she said, according to a report from New York City ABC affiliate WABC. “This is not the first time she did what she did. This was her third time. The last time resulted in my sister’s death. There’s no way that four years is justice.”

In Vanessa Ayala’s mention of the “third” incident, she was alluding to Castillo’s 2011 federal conviction for distributing a tainted product. Castillo confessed to administering illegal silicone injections through her clandestine home operation, charging over $1,000 per session. Castillo spent a year behind bars and was slapped with a hefty $100,000 fine.


  1. This lady is a habitual offender that has been caught committing the same crime for the third time and this time someone has died but again the gave her a tap on the hand “no no no dont do that again” and gave her 4-8yrs in timeout which she will only serve maybe 5yrs in custody and 3 on parole and still continue to inject these silly ssa desperate women that want to fit in but cant afford to see a licensed plastic surgeon

    Aint no telling how many butts and boobs she has injected over the years now she wants to cry and be sorry to her family for embarrassing them because she wasnt raised that way.
    The charge should have been voluntary or intentional manslaughter at the least.

    This system is so fcked up.


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