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Two people charged out of six people detained in murder of Alabama mom killed and found dead under bed mattress


The gears of justice seem to be stuck for one family, as the police have apprehended six individuals in connection with the tragic death of an Alabama mother, yet only two have been formally charged with her murder.

It’s evident that someone out there holds crucial information, as 20-year-old Mahogany Jackson did not mysteriously end up under a mattress in Southwest Birmingham on her on doing, as the police report claims.

Two ladies were taken into custody on Monday afternoon in relation to Jackson’s vanishing and demise, according to abc3340.

26-year-old Teja Emery Monique Lewis (L) and 23-year-old Si'nya Jharee McCall (Birmingham PD)
26-year-old Teja Emery Monique Lewis (L) and 23-year-old Si’nya Jharee McCall (Birmingham PD)

As per prison documents, 26-year-old Teja Emery Monique Lewis and 23-year-old Si’nya Jharee McCall were both accused of capital murder during a kidnapping (first-degree).

At first, three men and three women were in police custody, but no charges was originally filed until Monday afternoon.

Mohagany Jackson
Mohagany Jackson

The authorities have the power to detain them for 48 hours while they gather evidence for a potential arrest, but it remains uncertain whether any other detained suspects will face charges or if the police are leveraging this time to coax out information.

In the early hours of Monday, Jackson was tragically discovered dead by the roadside at Laurel Avenue and 17th Street SW, having suffered at least one gunshot wound. Her mother, Gail Maddox, revealed that Jackson had sent her a distressing text around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, indicating she was being held against her will and urging her mother to contact 911 with her location.

Upon reaching the specified location, the family and authorities were met with a woman who claimed Jackson had left hours earlier. A passerby later alerted the police after discovering a body, leading to the detention of the six suspects throughout the day. The initial arrest was made at the apartment complex where Jackson had mentioned in her text to her mother, involving a 26-year-old woman.

Tragically, Jackson leaves behind a young daughter. 

Police have released no further information.


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