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Second North Carolina police officer identified in excessive force traffic stop in Jacksonville


A Jacksonville, North Carolina police officer who stopped a local man for a suspended driver’s license Thursday and then used excessive force while the man’s hands were up has been identified.

The North Carolina Beat has identified the black officer as Sean Wesley Bloomfield.

Sean Wesley Bloomfield

This past Thursday, March 11, Bloomfield pulled over Michael Carter of Maple Hill, North Carolina, at the McDonalds on North Marine Blvd. for a suspended driver’s license. Bloomfield tells Carter why he pulled him over in the video, which Carter said: “You can’t do that.” Bloomfield then told Carter to step out of his vehicle, which Carter did not do.

Bloomfield told Carter that he would only get a citation, but if that’s what you were going to give Carter, why did he need to step out of the vehicle? Because he told you that you couldn’t pull him over for a suspended driver’s license? I mean, we know you can but was that worth him stepping out of the vehicle, and you hadn’t even conducted an investigation?

Bloomfield can be seen grabbing Carter’s wrist in the video after he didn’t step out of the vehicle. Once Jacksonville Police OfficerEloi Gelinas, arrived to help, Bloomfield stands back and looks like a fool. How are you going to grab this man’s wrist, treat him like he’s a threat to you, and then when backup arrives, you stand back and look stupid? That just goes to show that Bloomfield had no right to treat Carter like he did.

Bloomfield just standing after his backup arrives.

Carter steps out of the vehicle with his HANDS UP, and Bloomfield proceeds to put his arm around Carter’s neck to try and take him to the ground.

If you missed the video, watch below:



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