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Zuri Dorsey found safe and her father Deandre Dorsey is in custody


The Virginia Beach Police Department has announced that 2-year-old Zuri Dorsey has been found safe and her 27-year-old father, Deandre Dorsey, is now in custody, as stated in an edited Facebook post by the Virginia Police Department.

Amber Alert issued for 2-year-old Zuri Dorsey after her estranged father with Type 1 Diabetes kidnapped her from bed

Zuri Dorsey, kidnapped from Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Zuri Dorsey, kidnapped from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Rumors had circulated on Sunday afternoon that an unidentified man and 2-year-old child was found dead inside a vehicle in Largo, Maryland, were that of 2-year-old Zuri Dorsey and her father, Deandre Dorsey after a popular Maryland blog posted about the discovery.

‘HEARTBREAKING’: Parents of 8-year-old found dead inside home after they failed to pick him up from school

Killmoenetwork Inc. on Instagram
Killmoenetwork Inc. on Instagram

Although the Instagram page did not name any individuals, social media speculated that it may have been referring to the abducted Virginia toddler.

27-year-old Deandre Alante Dorsey kidnapped 2-year-old daughter, Zuri Dorsey
27-year-old Deandre Alante Dorsey

Just shortly after a non-reputable outlet, “SNBC13,” posted that the two had been found dead at 6:49 p.m., Virginia Beach Police edited a social media post about Zuri’s abduction and confirmed that Zuri had been found and her dad, Deandre, was in custody.

Virginia Beach police edited post about Zuri Dorsey being found.

On Saturday morning, Virginia Beach police said that Deandre had gone inside a home on Sapphire Drive, taken Zuri out of bed, and gotten inside a red 2016 Honda Accord headed for North Carolina.

Police have not yet released details on where Zuri and Deandre were found.

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