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‘Crazy Ex’: Woman allegedly set fire to bed while her ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend and her baby slept


Derica B. Wiggins was arrested months after she allegedly tried to set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s bed as his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s baby slept under a comforter 

Derica B. Wiggins
Derica B. Wiggins

A Tennessee woman, Derica B. Wiggins, 20, was arrested on Friday and charged with multiple felonies related to the assault on her ex-boyfriend, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s baby.

Wiggins is charged with one count of aggravated arson, one count of setting fire to another’s personal property, one count of reckless burning, and two counts of aggravated assault.

911 call about a fire in the 6100 block of Park Grove

According to WREG, emergency responders were dispatched to a house fire in the 6100 block of Park Grove on March 1, 2023. Upon arrival, first responders stated in their report that the fire had been extinguished promptly after it started. The man, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s baby all escaped the home unharmed.

According to investigators, the female victim told them that she woke up and heard what she believed to be the sound of someone trying to light something just outside the bedroom where she, her boyfriend, and her child were sleeping. She also informed investigators that she could see someone peeping through a crack in the door.

The woman assumed that it was one of her boyfriend’s siblings and went back to sleep, according to the outlet.

Derica B. Wiggins allegedly set comforter on fire

The female victim reportedly told police that a little later, she was awakened to find that the comforter covering the three of them was on fire. The suspect’s ex-boyfriend, told police that he woke up to the fire and was able to quickly extinguish the flames. He said he later found Wiggins in the driveway, where he confronted her and a heated altercation ensued.

Ring camera footage reportedly showed a woman who police say appeared to be Wiggins entering the home and leaving a short time later on the same night as the fire.

Police also reportedly noted that security footage from a Ring doorbell showed a woman who appeared to be Wiggins entering the residence and then leaving shortly after on the night of the fire.

Wiggins is currently detained in the Shelby County Jail on a $150,000 bond.


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