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[WATCH]: High School head football coach FIRED after holding baptism service for players after practice


A high school head football coach in Georgia was terminated from his position after organizing a baptism ceremony for 20 of his players on school premises last month, according to reports.

Tattnall County High School football players undergoing baptism.

The superintendent of Tattnall County High School announced the dismissal of coach Isaac Ferrell following the circulation of a video on the team’s official Facebook page, which depicted players being baptized in a tub by a local pastor.

Coach Isaac Ferrell

The footage showed Pastor Gary Few individually directing players to sit in a large black tub of water and performing the baptism ritual, while surrounded players expressed their support.


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The incident on October 23 sparked outrage among some members of the community, leading to a report to The Freedom from Religion Foundation, an organization that advocates for the separation of state and church. The foundation accused Ferrell of misusing his position and violating constitutional principles.

They urged the district to investigate the situation and put an end to any school-sponsored religious coercion. The superintendent, however, stated that Ferrell’s termination was a result of an isolated incident after a football game on November 3, and not directly related to the baptism event.

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The superintendent also mentioned that an investigation into the baptism service is ongoing, while Ferrell, who also serves as a teacher at the school, is still employed at Tattnall County.

Some parents of the players defended Ferrell and praised him for baptizing their sons.

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  1. Really, this is what needs to happen. He’s saving souls and y’all fired his for doing the Lord’s work! Now, watch what’s about to happen!! God is gonna Bless him beyond imagination! Thanks Coach!

  2. Here we have a MAN a teacher a coach and likely a father trying to keep these young men covered in the blood of Jesus and/or reclaim the lives of those who have or look like they may fall down the wrong path and somebody just had to find a problem with it. If he did not care about them and knows that they need a positive male role model yet the coach said “Its not my responsibility they are not my children and Im here to coach and teach” somebody will find an issue with him for that too.
    As a man a black man he his trying to step up and do his part and he is being ridiculed for it.
    He could be out here like these other coaches teachers pastors or anyone of authority over children violating them and damaging their lives bodies and souls but he is trying to save them and cover them from the evil in this world. Leave that man alone and do what he has been called to do.
    Go get you some prayer too.


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