Sunday, July 21, 2024

Greensboro man and woman messing with the booga Suga caught on camera!


Get out y’all DAYUM nose!!!

Word On The Curb…a man and woman in Greensboro, North Carolina were caught on camera playing in some nose candy, and it looks like one of our street-savvy BeatMob members had a front-row seat to the Booga Suga show.

The identities of these individuals remain a mystery, but for a good two minutes or so, the man and woman were on cloud nine. The video kicks off with them making sure the white stuff finds its way up their nostrils, and soon enough, they start feeling that familiar high.

Greensboro ‘baby stroller thief’ caught on camera stealing a baby stroller from a porch in broad daylight

The man, seen wearing a hat, might have been prepping for another hit or simply grooving to the music, while his parking lot lizzard seems to be struggling to keep up. Shortly after, he raises an object to his nose and takes a deep breath.

It’s so sad to witness this kind of stuff in our neighborhoods, especially with kids playing around.

This incident went down on the Southside of Greensboro, according to our BeatMob street member.



  1. Let people live! Addiction is no joke. I pray one day they will enjoy a clean and sober life. Until then I pray for them and those around them.

  2. The video is week. Stop being scared if you gone record, Record. NC all in the way. I thought I was gone see something.


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