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Greensboro ‘baby stroller thief’ caught on camera stealing a baby stroller from a porch in broad daylight


Word On The Curb… In Greensboro, North Carolina, a woman showed no shame when she put her own child’s stroller in park in the middle of the street and went behind a gate to steal another mother’s baby stroller from their front porch.

‘Baby Stroller Thief’

The North Carolina Beat has not yet identified the woman, but on Thursday, a woman on Facebook named Káila Ébk posted a video of the woman in the scandalous act.

“Man who stroller bandit is this stealing my stroller on camera”, Káila Ébk said in the caption of the video she shared.

It’s unclear how the thief did not see a camera in the corner of the porch, positioned like a wasp nest, but if she didn’t see it, it certainly saw her.

The video begins with the woman examining the stroller on the porch, then stepping away briefly before coming back. Upon her return, she proceeds to remove the items from the stroller and place them on the ground. Subsequently, the video captures the thief driving away with the double-seater stroller.

Later that Thursday evening, Káila Ébk shared another post containing three videos, informing her friends and followers that they found the woman who stole her son’s stroller from her front porch. When confronted, the woman claimed she believed the stroller was being discarded.

“I thought you was throwing it away, I apologize…” the stroller thief said.

The woman then took her things out of the stroller while the victims were still upset about the theft.

On social media, some people suggested that the victims should have just given the thief the stroller because she “obviously” needed it. 

Káila Ébk said she has never met the woman and that “she literally just walked walked on my porch.”


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