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Woman arrested after boyfriend beats her after catching him cheating at a Family Dollar in North Carolina


A North Carolina woman was recently arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after she caught her boyfriend cheating at a Family Dollar in Thomasville, NC.

The BeatMob sent in this foolishness that shows a woman fighting with a man she is in a relationship with, Joshua Dumas. We have learned that the woman Dumas is brutally assaulting is Whitney Nicole Dow, and the streets say they do this carrying on all the time.

Joshua Dumas

Our concern was that Dumas was squaring up with this woman assaulting her as if she were a man in front of her child. And the fact that Whitney did not have any regard for her child witnessing all of this. Domestic violence is real, but why continue engaging with a violent man?

We have to say, Whitney was standing in the paint with Dumas but this shit is really sad.

The North Carolina Beat has obtained the domestic violence video in the Family Dollar parking lot on National Highway.


According to the bystanders, they witnessed Dumas allegedly pull out a gun. He was not charged in this incident.

Whitney bonded out of jail Monday afternoon.

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  1. They was he was hitting her seems to me like he should have been the one that went to jail that day. She must’ve acted a fool when the police got there. I cant imagine how she feel. He man cheated then jumped om her in front of her baby which was probably his too and she went to jail. Hopefully she lave him all the way alone. Let lil ugly have him chi!

  2. They both should have been arrested for mutual combat domestic violence in the presence of a minor and child endangerment. They both need to sit in jail to cool out and the child be removed and put in the cate of an adult with sense until the two of them can find some.


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